Editorial ::: Marion Cotillard for AnOther Magazine

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More photos, information and a video at AnOther.

All images via AnOther

Introducing ::: VELVETINE

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A French label using finest italian leather to get us affordable bags. No more comment necessary, the bags speak for themselves.

All images via VELVETINE

Sighting ::: The eyes of Luca Gadjus

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Wow, not only do I think that I see her quiet often studying at Grimme Centre (library) in Berlin but I am freaking out all the time because let’s face it: she looks a lot better without make-up and in comfortable clothes than most of us would after a photoshop overdose. Doesn’t she literally have the sharpest eyes there are in any campaign? I am speaking of German supermodel Luca Gadjus.

None of that dizzy sexy sleepiness that is so en vogue in editorials right now. No, the heads over at STRENESSE are aiming for a clean picture sans accessories, jaw-dropping set or light – the creatives have decides to even ban colors in order to focus on Luca herself giving the most piercing looking eyes I have probably seen in a fashion campaign in the past 3 years. Everything fits the character of the label. Clean chic meets a powerful personality!

Chapeau STRENESSE + Luca Gadjus.

Images are photographs from the STRENESSE Campaign in INSTYLE magazine Germany, March 2010

Where do YOU read in Berlin?

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Only five more days to go and I will be done with my last exam for the university. Oh, I didn’t mention that I was a student? Well I am studying at the excellent Free University Berlin, which I love dearly but I live in Mitte and a 50 minute drive just to have a seat in the library  – that’s not my type of time efficiency. I therefore take the bus every morning to arrive at Friedrichstrasse around 9 o’clock to take my seat at Berlin’s new attraction – Grimme Centre.

Named after the famous fairy tale collectors, Brothers Grimm, the library opened last fall and is probably due to its site probably the most popular library in town. The new central library of the Humboldt University Berlin amazes me everyday with its stunning architecture. It makes me feel like a Greek scholar when I am sitting here, overlooking the reading room with its eight cascade-like terraces. But don’t be fooled, I am working my behind off here: sweating, suffering, falling asleep and sometimes even a nervous break down are on the daily agenda all in the name of academia.

If you feel like it: come visit me and give me some encouragement.
Your Strytllr.

Image via source

Editorial: Lara Stone for Interview Magazine March 2010

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All images from wowow. (More images and information)

London Fashion Week: Dark Romanticism at Gemma Slack AW 2010

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This dark and mystic collection may not be everybodies darling for the gothic inspired collection is certainly aiming at an edgier fashion crowd but the video presentation is a must see. It is probably one of the best I have seen in a long time.

Men’s + Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 H&M collections

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Interviews with Gianluca Longo, Style Director ES Magazine, Caroline Christiansson Fashion Director Glamour France, and Ann-Sofie Johansson Head of Design H&M

Berlin: YSL Manifesto S/S 2010 hunt impressions and insights

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The hunt began with impatient waiting for the bus but not without noticing the surrounding beauty of Berlin.

Happy huntresses

*Manifesto Insights*

+++UPDATE+++ Download the complete official YSL Manifesto for yourself here

All photos belong to Strytllng. ‘Manifesto Insights’ were photographed from the original Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Spring/Summer 2010

***NEWS***YSL Manifesto in Berlin***

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I got up this morning, checked Twitter and there were the news: Y_S_L Meet us at 10am at Brandenburg Gate. First thought: what? There? The epicentre of tourism where no fashionsta is ever to be found nor ever dares to go?

I had 15 Minutes to get dressed and get there. When I arrived I found out that there was no need to hurry because they arrived 40 minutes late, decided to have a photoshoot first and to give the first Manifesto Totes to random tourists instead of those who have waited there hoping to snatch a unique Yves Saint Laurent Bag. Me and a few other blogger got really impatient and also a bit frustrated having to watch a photographer scream at the girls “SMILE” and “Yeah, that’s good”. After the girls we brushed over one more time by the make-up artist and gave the camera their best smiles, I practically jumped on the girls who were VERY nice and made up for our frustration. THANK YOU MANIFESTO GIRLS! Thanks to them I am a happy owner of a Manifesto and the tote.

Resume: I am happy to have gotten to see the spectacle this early in the morning and I am even more happy that I still made it to the library an hour late where a dear friend had saved me a seat. PERFECT MORNING. Photos from the event and the tote will follow soon.

Wishing you an equally good start for the weekend,

Your Strytllr

FASHION FORESHADOWING: Fashion156 London Fashion Week Editorial

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London Fashion Week has started today and FASHION156 made an editorial on what we can expect from the runway shows. The editorial leads us with unique pieces from the designers through a journey of fashion foreshadowing.

For full coverage and more on what to expect on men’s fashion go to FASHION156

All images via FASHION156

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