Frenchies do it better in your ear. Colette goes podcast with André

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on February 4, 2010

As if I am not already head over heels with Uberstore Colette and French artist André. Well now, I found out that they are making a podcast, which the very pragmatic among us can get on iTunes or download directly at Colette’s homepage.

Here is what they have to say about number 13:

The French artist has temporarily closed his overloaded agenda-book to come and chat with us about his current exhibition at Colette this month. You will also hear the latest musical news with Warpaint, Aswefall, Spooky, Editors, Wareika, Four Tet and finally the sweet and soothing singsong of Irmin Schmidt’s ” Kamasutra “.

I must say it is not the same as testing their amazing selection of music in the store but as soon as I find out what scent they are using to comfort the willing customers, I might get into a similar mood at home. Those who haven’t been to Colette, Paris, yet: It is one of those scents you simply adore and is certainly very recognizable

A stry that had to be told.

Photos via Colette

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