Details @ Acne fall 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on February 9, 2010

Ever since Lady Gaga stepped into the picture accessories have to be big, bold and loud. I love the fresh breeze of inspiration but let’s be honest: for most of us there are not many occasion to dress gagaish.  There isn’t enough space on this overcrowded planet for huge hats nor do we have enough time to walk slowly to the next appointment with extreme platforms. Therefore I love the approach of Swedish label Acne in their fall 2010 collection which they presented last week at Stockholm Fashion Week. The look found its perfection in the details that are extraordinary and yet blend in perfectly with the ensemble. By now you may have read enough about the fantastic parkas and free-flowing trousers with anarchic all over prints.

Among the best novelties of Stockholm Fashion Week was probably the alien-meets-elf make-up with sleek and interestingly braided hair. Soft metallic shades of copper and green accentuated the foreheads of the models. Lips and eyes were kept in nudes and gave the models the extraterrestrial look.

The feet were also carefully styled with ‘leg jewelry’ giving the impression of being oversized bangles. A trend that looks so hot that I hope it will spread to the south end of the Baltic Sea by springtime. I can see myself wearing this with gladiator sandals and harem pants as well as with high-heels and leggings.

Let’s all hope fashion fall starts early this year because this is an accessory trend that was made to be worn and seen soon. Well done Stockholm!

Yours in the name of accessories,

Photos via REFINERY 29

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