Seelenkleid’s ‘Blue Code’ collection by Ella Haberlach

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on February 10, 2010

This years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin was, to sum it up in one word: nice. There were a lot of presentations I liked in particular like: Patrick Mohr, Perret Schaad, The Italian Designers for Tomorrow and Sam Frenzel (!) but I truly held my breath when I saw a flyer for the official after-show party lying unattended on a counter. Immediately I began questioning the poor guy sitting behind the desk if he knew the credits for the shot. Of course he didn’t but I had seen this dress before and I found out that it was indeed a picture of Seelenkleid’s ‘Blue Code’ collection. Let me share with you why I am so passionate about this young German label.

Her designs are like a breath of fresh air: Ella Haberlach, designer of “Seelenkleid” (German for soul dress) founded the label in 2007. While many designers claim to innovate new techniques without visible new results, Seelenkleid’s cutting edge designs are created with silicone applications and random burn-out printing – with astonishing effects. The predominantly monochrome designs are characterized by its shape and the fluidity of its fabrics while chaotic silicon or fringe ‘attachments’ are interrupting the eternal beauty, giving the impression of uncontrollability. Seelenkleid surely translates art in to fashion.

How could I not be head over heels with these fresh designs? There is only one ‘minus’ I cannot find a selling point anywhere near me but I am sure that is a fact about to change soon.

Your Strytllr.

Photos via Seelenkleid


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