Sighting ::: The eyes of Luca Gadjus

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on February 25, 2010

Wow, not only do I think that I see her quiet often studying at Grimme Centre (library) in Berlin but I am freaking out all the time because let’s face it: she looks a lot better without make-up and in comfortable clothes than most of us would after a photoshop overdose. Doesn’t she literally have the sharpest eyes there are in any campaign? I am speaking of German supermodel Luca Gadjus.

None of that dizzy sexy sleepiness that is so en vogue in editorials right now. No, the heads over at STRENESSE are aiming for a clean picture sans accessories, jaw-dropping set or light – the creatives have decides to even ban colors in order to focus on Luca herself giving the most piercing looking eyes I have probably seen in a fashion campaign in the past 3 years. Everything fits the character of the label. Clean chic meets a powerful personality!

Chapeau STRENESSE + Luca Gadjus.

Images are photographs from the STRENESSE Campaign in INSTYLE magazine Germany, March 2010

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