Night Stories by Tiger of Sweden

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Finally a press release that caught my attention. Jeans label Tiger of Sweden gave nine talented young Swedish filmmakers the task to visualize their new line of S/S 2010 jeans collection. The different approaches to coloration are reflected in nine very different short movies. All films are centered around the idea of the jeans being an item of the night hence the name: Night Stories. Finally a true story to be told inspired by fashion. Here are my favorites.

Women: Skinny Bright Black by Zorica Radovic and Sheila Johansson

Black is the absence of light but it surely is the most important ‘color’ when it comes to clothing. It therefore is everything. Thanks to the satin fabric, this model was label with an oxymoron: Bright Black. Because contrast and sometime contradiction is the most fun we have when playing with the expressiveness of fashion.

Men: Pistolero Perfect by Agnes Rosa Beckman

“…about a man and his lusts in the city and the night…” There is nothing left for me to add.

For more information and all videos visit The Night Stories.

The girl is BAG

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Lovers, friends and random strangers: I am back from my (too) short vacation in Paris. Don’t fear this post because I won’t bore you about ALL the exciting things I did as I will cut straight to the important parts – THE SHOPPING. I did some great deals in my favorite vintage stores in Rue de la Verrerie and Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie which I want to share with you as promised. Trust me, you don’t even want to know how good of a bargain these babies were. All you need to know is that they just moved in with me and that they will keep me good company this summer

This will be about the bags and the bags only! I am more into bags than shoes while on my vintage hunts because I just don’t like the thought of walking in someone else’s shoes.

The Aigner Bag

Ingenious lock system

I love cross-shoulder bags. They are great for everyday use and clubbing because they keep your hands free for the more important things – drinks, food, phones, (fill in the blank). This one is an original Aigner bag which must have been barely used for there are no signs of heavy usage. I was so lucky that I got it. I had spotted it from across the room when some girls arrived at the purse stand first and didn’t seem to appreciate this hidden treasure at all. UFF.

Blue Velvet + Pencil Case

What’s there not to like about blue velvet? This bag will add some color to my collection. To my surprise a matching pencil case was hidden inside of it. This baby will be used as a clutch and turn into a purse when I will get tired of carrying it around – but when would that be the case?

The Clutch

This Riccone clutch reminded me of rusty-brown old saddles and the chair Carrie bought from Aiden in Sex and the City and he tells her that the stripped the leather of an old pullman car seat and all the lines from usage and the smell can tell a story. And that my friends is exactly why I like vintage bags – they tell you a story. That and the fact that these are affordable goodies with a good chance that you won’t meet another one like it.

Your Strytllr


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I am about to head out to a long deserved vacation to P. P. P. P. PARIS!!!

Those of you who have been to Berlin know that vintage shopping is way to expensive in B-town. Even though Berlin is host to an entire generation hunting for and expressing themselves through vintage clothing. I am packed and all set to go on an over the top vintage shopping spree in my favorite vintage stores in the Marais. I promise you all to go nuts over that familiar smell when entering the stores and grab the best things for myself. I also promise to report back on what I could get hold of – ‘kay?

Truly Yours – Strytllr.

Lookbook ::: Gemma Slack A/W 2010

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*In addition to the video lookbook*
Gareth Pugh’s former intern makes her mentor proud.

It’s all in the details – I love it and want the coats A LOT.

All images via

Impressions ::: Facehunter in Berlin

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*Waiting for Yvan*

Journalist Jan Joswig with Berlin Fashion TV
BerlinFashion.TV crew

Danish Beauties

*He may have been late but made up for it by giving everyone in the room some personal time.*

Hunting Faces

Anna from kalinka..kalinka

Happy me


All Photos are Strytllng’s own. Bookimpressions were photographed from the original FACEHUNTER book,

Picture of the day ::: Drew Barrymore’s inner animal

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I spotted this photo of Drew Barrymore on BelleonEarth today and I  needed to reblog it immediately. I find this photo from POP Magazine extremely refreshing. No forced sexieness, no femme fatale, moderate make-up and Photoshop (I imagine). A woman being beautiful and able to laugh with and about herself. My feminine HERO.

Interview ::: When Yvan Rodic came to town

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It may have been the last interview of the evening, we were tired and sometimes misunderstood each other but Yvan surely is a great interview partner. When being asked a question he will answer calm and eloquent. He takes his time for everybody who is interested and wants a piece of him. He is charismatic and keeps the bloggers standing in the interview queue happy with champagne. Yvan Rodic is a true professional who does what he likes and sometimes seems like he hasn’t realized that the formerly small blogger has become a celebrity and media spectacle wherever he goes. Watch the video and you will know what I mean. After misunderstanding my first question he comes back to answering it and tells us what fashion means to him, why he comes out with a book after making a buzz on the internet and what will be next for the handsome streetstyle blogger.

I am not obsessed with fashion…I like the idea of it as a form of creativity – a personal expression.

Easy as a breeze

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I just got back from an evening full of highlights. First of all the interview with Ivan Rodic (Facehunter), then a very long and intimate evening with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. I feel very happy right now – I feel like this was close to perfect and the birds tweeting like they only do at springtime made me smile all the way home at 4am on a breezy March morning in Berlin. The video expresses my current mood. Deep melodic joyful melancholy because you know that this moment is perfect but will never last. Just like the birds in the video we are here to inspire and create – everyday anew.



Douglas Greed – Oh MY

From the three track EP called “St. Eisbein” that has just been released on ‘Freude Am Tanzen’.
Video via YouTube

Open Call ::: Questions to ask Yvan Rodic aka FACEHUNTER

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We all know and love his blog FACEHUNTER. Can you imagine a little blogette’s heart jumping up and down when a PR agency tells her that she will meet Yvan Rodic himself for his book release this Wednesday???!!!! I am kinda goin’ nuts over this. Love his blog, his realistic aesthetic, his eye for simple details – love FACEHUNTER.

+++This is when my blogette heart pumps in: Just  three more days to go. What should I ask him if I got five questions to pose?+++

My dear and loyal readers – can you help with this joyful task?

The most innovative questions will be forwarded to Yvan and the results will be published on Strytllng.

When + where = Facebook.

Your Strytllr.

Behind the Scenes of Paris Fashion Week ::: Sonia Rykiel

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Ellen von Unwerth. Beth Dito. Irina Lazareanu. Coeur de Pirate. Nathalie Rykiel. Sonia Rykiel.

“It’s just intense femininity” Micky Green

Video via YouTube

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