Sunny Day

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on March 3, 2010

The final exams are over, I have just finished an important, yet nerve-wrecking part of my life and I will begin to become a social person, a runner, a dancer, a music lover, friends-appreciator, connoisseur of nightlife, a gallery and museum visitor, a caring grand-daughter/friend/sister/…, a news follower, an apartment organizer, a flee-market seller, a Paris visitor, a life-appreciator,… in short: I WILL BE ME.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, interpreted any signs of bitchyness as a nervous stress syndrome, to those who didn’t give up on the social me and gave me a call every once in a while so I could use my communicative abilities. I also want to thank my friends who supported me by understanding that I couldn’t make it to social meetings like birthdays, get-togethers, artistic performances and all those things that were not on my way from home to the library. And finally I would like to thank Spring because I woke up today getting the happiest felling by seeing a blue sky. When was the last time the sun did make you so happy? The icy sidewalks are gone, showing the dirty leftovers from winter telling the story of the dark yet beautiful season. I am starting this new period by exploring my Berlin sidewalks in my runnig shoes.
New manifesto: MOVEMENT.

Wishing you all an equally fantastic start into springtime,
Your Strytllr.

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