Tribute to the one and only WALKMAN

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on March 4, 2010

I surely remember when I saw my baby waiting for me on my 10th birthday along with a ‘Greatest Hits’ cassette from the ‘Bangles’ and an infamous German mix tape named ‘Formel 1’. My Sony Walkman supplied with me with all the coolness I needed while being on a classtrip. How often have I sung along with ‘Manic Monday’, ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ or the infamous ‘Eternal Flame’? Well this was the Pre-Discman era and long before my iPod. My baby is gone now but not the good memories.

I am using music excessively. I am never seen in a bus without my white earsets. Unfortunately I must complain about their durability and I will have to decide on a new headset soon. While researching, I have come upon Swedish label URBANEARS’ TANTO model. Retro design with a modern twist meets new technology gadget.

TANTO looks the exact same as the headset from my Walkman did and comes in 14 colors with a matt finish. For technology geeks among us I am happy to announce that each set is equipped with a microphone and a remote control compatible with Nokia-, iPhone-, Blackberry- and HTC smartphones.

Take a look yourselves and tell me what you think? With  40 Euros they might be ‘pricier’ – but their shape surely is extra-fine.

Bangles image via source


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