Night Stories by Tiger of Sweden

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on March 31, 2010

Finally a press release that caught my attention. Jeans label Tiger of Sweden gave nine talented young Swedish filmmakers the task to visualize their new line of S/S 2010 jeans collection. The different approaches to coloration are reflected in nine very different short movies. All films are centered around the idea of the jeans being an item of the night hence the name: Night Stories. Finally a true story to be told inspired by fashion. Here are my favorites.

Women: Skinny Bright Black by Zorica Radovic and Sheila Johansson

Black is the absence of light but it surely is the most important ‘color’ when it comes to clothing. It therefore is everything. Thanks to the satin fabric, this model was label with an oxymoron: Bright Black. Because contrast and sometime contradiction is the most fun we have when playing with the expressiveness of fashion.

Men: Pistolero Perfect by Agnes Rosa Beckman

“…about a man and his lusts in the city and the night…” There is nothing left for me to add.

For more information and all videos visit The Night Stories.


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