The perfect fit ::: Bonfire by Memoryhouse

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on April 22, 2010

When I discovered this amazing video I immediately thought:

>>>This piece of experimental filmmaking art is like the perfect dress.<<<

Multiple invisible layers but yet lightweight. A wide range of colors forming accentuating parts without bold brightness. Ingenious cutting. Subtile sexiness without objectification. The look of an everlasting summer.  It is made to fit the subject and highlights the beauty that’s already within the subject. All in all the matters of music-video or person-dress have the ability to form a harmonious symbiosis when chosen thoughtfully as is the case in the video above.  But most importantly: The perfect dress as the perfect song is a timeless favorite that might exit our centre focus for a while but resurfaces time and time again and will never leave us.

Enjoy this short but impressive piece of perfection by Memoryhouse and Jamie Harley.

Video via Vimeo.


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