Impressions ::: Subject60 Tour Berlin

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This little blogette got herself a pretty black envelope in the mailbox a few weeks ago saying that the Swedish family car brand will make a hip fashionable fuzz in Berlin’s Station, also residence to the Premium Exhibition. Everybody was invited: The minor celebrities, fashionable people, car interested folk, professional bloggers who saw their chance of taking as many pictures as they could to get an equal amount of clicks on their platforms the next day and then there were those like me: LYKKE LI LOVERS.

Yes, that’s right: Lykke my dear if you read this: hola! From your Acne booties to the black leather cape/longjacket, I loved everything about you effortless look. Your sets may have been short but were pure energy. Too bad the big cameras in the front row slowed down your spark from inflaming the second row but I didn’t care and neither did you, when you said:

Stop taking photos with your fuckin’ cameras and dance with me.

See, this is why you are a true artist and not just the stylish musician, many PR people would like to make you.

The rest of the evening can be summed up like this: drinks, drinks, drinks…all with alcohol (which is weird considering there was no water available for the first few hours at a car presentation event-but we liked that too), great job on the decoration with the big screen animations and the karaoke car performances but I must admit, while Lykke surely pulled in many guests, the Borchardt’s catering by Berlin’s most prominent celebrity restaurant, wasn’t any less spectacular.

Did I mention that Yvan Rodic and Adam Port were also part of the “spectacle”? Too bad Yvan was barely seen taking pictures of guests, because I love to watch him pull out people out of the crowd. DJ Adam Port on the other side did a great job getting the dancefloor moving.

As for my own comfort that evening, I celebrated it with friends and my “for free” outfit. An oversized squared jersey short dress from Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood which I got as a hand-down from a friend accessorized it with multiple gold chains which were either given to me by friends & family or which I got from parties in Berlin. My purse was a tote by No.74 which I got at the launch of the “I like my style” magazine a few weeks ago.

All in all it was a roaring night for Berlin’s fashion crowd supporting my ever-growing admiration for Lykke Li.

New Love in Fashiontown: RIKA

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There are moments in our lives that will change anything and looking back we are under the impression that we knew exactly what we were doing, when being asked how we managed to get the job we always wanted, dated the hottest (wo)man there was to date or how we influenced somebody’s life to the better, we are sure to tell a confident story of well prepared steps and skills. But the truth is, a moment that life-changing is barely ever noticed until the effects of it can be seen as rock-solid results.

When Swedish born stylist-turned-designer Ulrika Lundgren started her fashion label Rika in 2005 she was probably one of the few who knew exactly what she was doing. After a successful career in fashion and interior styling for prestigious magazines such as Casa Vogue and Elle Decoration, Lundgren put her creative drive and her experience in the fashion world to a good start. As for her love of details Lundgren credits her Grandmother who showed her that the round-off to a harmonious outfit lies in the small things. The designer’s choice to use handcrafted chemical free leather and canvas is an additional bonus showing her understanding to a modern’s girl wardrobe that will include strong pieces as well as romantic items and won’t miss a vast selection of timeless vintage pieces.


Rika’s upcoming Autumn/Winter collection 2010 was inspired by modern icons and French it girls du jour like the always natural beauties Vanessa Paradis and Clémence Poésy. Notebookprints, soft colors and nude tones are giving this collection its je ne sais quoi but besides the playful and mysterious charm of French Bohème, the signature pieces must be the stars and lips accessorized leather goods. Every woman on Planet Fashion says she would love to get a hands on the 2.55 from Chanel but one look at the rosé colored suede Liv Bag and the hearts of young girls and women alike will be handed over into the arms of passionate up-and-coming designer Ulrika Lundgren who understands the core of feminine need for dressing.

We might age but we will never lose our need for playful and eye-catching details uplifting our walk as we manage every moment of our so-called life – but it’s a hell lot of easier being confident when you feel good in the clothes that you are in.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rika is highly in demand. A special collection is currently available at Opening Ceremony and RIKA MAGAZINE’s issue no.two has become a rare collector’s item, sold out even at Colette or what I like to call it: Fashionmecca.

If you want to know how your Strytllr heard about this amazing fashion treasure, then you must not have read my past articles carefully. The reminder is here.

..:::Thank You Note:::..

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Dear past week,

I am grateful for many things this past week (well, not the grey-ish thing covering up Springsun). I got to invitations to see Sex and the City 2, One invitation to see Lykke Li perform while Yvan Rodic from Facehunter will document the fashioncrowd and Berlin’s celebrity restaurant , Borchardt’s, will provide some catering but what I liked the most must have been the arrival of the prize that I won from a Twittercontest from Miggy Likes The Internet.

Playful Promises, a London-based lingerie and swimwear boutique, so kindly hooked me up with one of their beautiful swimwear creations. The model I snatched is called Suzy Bikini and I can tell you: Suzy and her little fan print and ruffles are quite the eye-candy. Too bad we will never see the sun this summer. Suzy and me would have such fun at the beach!

A big THANX to Miggy and to the girls at Playful Promises!



+++Impressions – Rock the Block by No.74 Party+++

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Those of you following me on Twitter will already know that I went to the delayed Rock the Block Party at Torstrasse in Berlin. Lucky for us it was cancelled on Saturday and we were rewarded with loads of surprises on Sunday. No. 74 is a project store in Berlin Mitte by adidas that carries all the special collections and collaborations such as Y-3, Stella McCartney or the SLVR line. In addition to the big host, all neighboring stores opened their doors to Berlin’s after-hour crowd and invited them in. I was especially eager to get a look inside the highly hyped and therefore too scary for me to just drop by, SOTO store on Torstrasse. The store is brand new in town bringing the most missed labels in streetwear to Berlin such as Opening Ceremony. BTW: They got some VERY nice garments on the racks.

Approaching near the crowd of about 500 people standing on the street and sidewalk, I got a bit scared off since everybody seemed to have spent a fortune on looking their coolest – it was the cream of Mittecrowd. (Berlin people will know what I’m talking about) But getting closer, I was quickly absorbed by its positivity. From the music to the ice cream wagon, from the popcorn and beverage stand to the BBQ and even the USLU Airlines manicure drive-thru, everything had been organized in such lovely details and if things weren’t for free, they had at least very reasonable prizes. My highlight that day was probably the not totally unannounced but yet low-key communicated gig by internationally famed Berlin electro group, Modeselektor. I liked them before but rarely have I been this surpried by a group after a live performance. If they didn’t happen to be such talented musicians, they could have become comedians at least.

I must thank to whom ever this is due for the perfect Sunday afternoon. You guys even got the sun showing! The highlight was definately the pillow fight at the end of Modeselektor DJ-set. LURVE UR BLOCK!


(cited from No.74’s site)

Pic du jour :::Morning-Kate:::

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What is there not to like about Kate?

Image via

VOGUE Editorial ..::PLAGE PRIVÉE::..Bikini Couture

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The beauty that is Natasha Poly presents minimalist fashion in my favorite editoral from Vogue PARIS May 2010 as seen through the lens of photography genius Mario Sorrenti. PLAGUE PRIVÉE presents Poly as the neo pin-up in 70s inspired sportive two and one-piece. Channeling Farah Fawcett in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ featuring Poly’s long athletic legs, the stylist should be congratulated on this glossy editorial styling. Knee-high classic sportssocks from American Apparel, aviator sunglasses, bright yellow and red wellies from Aigle, Chucks and the classic adidas Originals cult item the Stan Smith sneaker accessorize the beachwear ensembles. I must say: I WANT THEM ALL! And I want a vacation with beachblonde hair and the wave hair NOW! There are just some questions left for me to ask. Why is it impossible for women’s magazines to keep the clothes on their models? There shouldn’t be any need for sexual exploitation. After all it’s from women for women? And is the deep tan really back?

Natasha Poly surely looks like the perfect California beach babe and it is a true pleasure flipping the pages through this Vogue editorial.
Your Strytllr.

All images via this.

A Little Homemade Photoshop Campaign by ERES/Chanel for Housewive Lovers

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Here is some Pre-Father’s-Day Fun: ERES Paris’ microsite for their new swimsuit collection. Simply slide with the cursor tool over the Chanel covered housewives and see the Photoshop-like effect bare the skin and swimwear of the models holding on to the pole. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

You didn’t think I would show you the “after” pictures, did you?

All images via The Shoptometrist.

Currently Reading: VOGUE PARIS May 2010

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Meryl, Julianne, Gwyneth, Kate, Naomi & Penélope.

Image via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Moment and Time Photography by Manuel Nogueira

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Searching through the internet for no reason sometimes pays off well, doesn’t it? I came across this photographer’s homepage and read the alerting words: OH! MY POLAROID! and couldn’t resist but to click on the link. The idea is simple but the craft is great. Models holding their own Polaroids from a testshoot. The whole picture makes a “Making OF” obsolete. Both, the testpolaroid and the actual photo taken by photographer Manuel Nogueira, show us the pre and -now phase of a shooting. I also find the reference to time interesting in terms of subjects and places. We see these gorgeous girls “now” which was “then” holding an object which refers to a former version of themselves. The Polaroidmodel will not exist by the time the photos were taken neither do the models on Nogueira on the pictures we see now.  The girls will have moved from their fixed pose that they gave the camera,  may have had different life experiences and most certainly they will have aged. OH DARN YOU LIVE! But what a beautiful homage to bypassing little moments.

All images via

Product of the day ::: Las Vegas bag by Mandarina Duck

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Two different sized handleholds for fashionability or comfort which can be replaced in winter by felt handleholds that come with the Las Vegas bag.
The innovative fabric is also part of the modern design that caught my eye so quickly and I imagine it to be a little like parachute fabric and therefore to be light-weighed. The bag comes in different shapes,colors and with an extra bag hidden inside. The price is very reasonable and available on the Mandarina Duck homepage.

All Images via Mandarina Duck.

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