Editorial :::A Lonely Lake In the Woods

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Yes, there is a dream-like place on earth where we all wish we could be right now. This is mine. A crystal clear lake and a partially sunny wood. HEAVEN.

Photos: Bárbara Vidal
Styling: Daniel Ortiz

See all images at Vicestyle.

Great Moment ::: The Rooftop

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Hanging out with friends on a sunny day on a roof in Mitte might become my favorite thing to do this summer.

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First Things First ::: The Good Haul

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There were plenty of gifts involved that I enjoyed VERY much – there wasn’t even an attempt of anything that did not get me excited. Here are some examples of the things that will continue to make the life of a blogette even more fun.

Somehow nail polish and jewelry was also involved – WHY WOULD ANYBODY GET ME THOSE? 😉

THANX to my friends and family that made this day truly one that will be remembered as the best b-day of my adult life (so far – let’s see what next year will do for me :-)).



1,2,3,4…Making My Night Brighter

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Disco Mix by Models Own

Roisin Murphy

Yes, today is MY day and I’ll be celebrating it like a girl does. With all my friends in a brand new hotspot, loads of glitter and sequins, high heels and damn fine music.



The above are all images via external sources linked to where I originally located them.

Special Moment

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Image via The Maison Happiness.

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Sneakerlove ::: Happy B-Day Nike Air Max 90 Infrared

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I feel like congratulating because not only am I myself turning a page of my book this week but a dear friend of mine is turning 28 today – what does that have to do with sneakers? Well, Nike’s famous Air Max 90 infrared is turning 20 by celebrating it with a new edition that caught my eye.  CAN I SAY: WISHLIST ?!!!

Happy Birthday AM90I – and yes – 1990 was an exceptionally good year.



All images via Artschoolvets.

La Belle Lou + Vanessa Bruno Summer 2010 = Fashion Masterpiece

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Lou Doillon and French fashion label Vanessa Bruno did it again and pushed the video lookbook/ music video trend even further. What could be expected to be another one-dimensional video of a muse starring in many beautiful clothes has become more than just a filmed fashion inspiration. Doillon, daughter of famous Jane Birkin and French it girl, is not what I would define as a classic beauty therefore the hype around her person hasn’t opened up to me until I saw this video. The camera follows Doillon as she constitutes the feelings that overwhelm her with each new outfit. She is rich in emotions, lives them to their fullest and shows the many facets of her acting talent. The many faces and her ability to dance wildly, be silly, laugh at herself or reflect on beauty with tears is what made me understand why Lou Doillon is so beautiful – she as a person is pure magic and I could not NOT fall in love with her while I pushed the repeat button over and over again. The interplay of Gonzales’ music and his role as the piano player made me almost forget that this is not a beautiful French court métrage or a very scenic music video but a lookbook for summer 2010.

This outstanding performance of a concept fashion video will stand out for a while and serve as the yardstick of lookbooks to come for all of the above and one more simple reason: it moved my emotions and made me dance barefoot all over my apartment.

She’s like a rainbow

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What can I say? I just didn’t feel monochrome that day.

From left to right: Carousel Coral (essie), Rumple’s Wiggin’, Fiercely Fiona, What’s with the Cattitude?, Who the Shrek Are You? (all 4 from the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection)


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Because this is who we can be if we choose to – multi-layered and like TLC’s epic album says: CRAZY SEXY COOL.


+++ i-D & styling challenge+++

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Italian online luxury retailer YOOX is turning 10 very cute years these days but the birthday bash is anything but the ordinary musical chairs and pink frosted cake party that one would want to go through one last time before leaving elementary school. It seems my little online addiction is jumping right into the graduation process with a very special birthday game and we are all invited to celebrate.

YOOX wants us to become stylists via their Facebook application YOOX TOP 10. Choose a background, style an outfit and add inspirational images if you like and have an audience vote for it. The top 10 voted stylings will be presented to i-D editors and with a bit of luck, Terry Jones will choose you personally to recreate your styling for a print issue of i-D MAGAZINE.

Now better hurry my beautiful stylistas because the party lasts only until June 20!!! Start your stylista career HERE or play the game just for the cure of your shopping addiction.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOX!!! And save me some of that cake (cake = discount).

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