+++ i-D & styling challenge+++

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on June 17, 2010

Italian online luxury retailer YOOX is turning 10 very cute years these days but the birthday bash is anything but the ordinary musical chairs and pink frosted cake party that one would want to go through one last time before leaving elementary school. It seems my little online addiction is jumping right into the graduation process with a very special birthday game and we are all invited to celebrate.

YOOX wants us to become stylists via their Facebook application YOOX TOP 10. Choose a background, style an outfit and add inspirational images if you like and have an audience vote for it. The top 10 voted stylings will be presented to i-D editors and with a bit of luck, Terry Jones will choose you personally to recreate your styling for a print issue of i-D MAGAZINE.

Now better hurry my beautiful stylistas because the party lasts only until June 20!!! Start your stylista career HERE or play the game just for the cure of your shopping addiction.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOX!!! And save me some of that cake (cake = discount).


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