StrickenBar + Etsy ::: Designer + Fleamarket

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The StrickenBar got together with Etsy Germany for an afternoon of vintage, unique designer sales and the Stricken Terrasse, which is of growing popularity. Friends of mine and myself had our own fleamarket corner right on Jacki Terrasse‘s dancefloor which we had decorated in the style of the coziest Laundromat we wish it existed. Loads of clothes, accessories, a clotheshorse, nailpolish, fashion magazines and a vintage issue of a German nude magazine were our setting. (Notice the headline: My wedding night with the crazy guy from Sydney – how “wild” that must have been in 1968.)

Many creative labels sold the most unique items Berlin had to offer that Saturday afternoon. One of my favorites was the label “PIMP” which doesn’t only create the craziest circus-like outfits ever but is also the creator of the rising star in Berlin’s hipster bag scene: the “ALDI GAGA” bag. Our neighborstand really got my heart pumping because the necklaces by “forkit!” were an excentric yet absolutely wearable mixture of wildly patterned leather and filigree metalls and Oh lala Tartes shop took good care of us while Jacki’s bar provided anisdrinks, beer and lemonade. My personal highlight was yet the Etsy photobooth which was in the manner of one of these quick taking photo cabins standing at airports or streets but Etsy’s laser light background was circa 1989 and original clothing and accessories provided 30 seconds of fun until the session was over – did I mention it was for free?!!! Yes, I went back about 3 times –  and the photostrips will be locked forever in the privacy of my home – what better memory is there for great afternoon with your friends?

Lookbook ::: Hien Le Men S/S 2011

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After Friday’s post of Hien Le‘s stunning Women S/S 2011 collection, I didn’t want to keep the male counterpart from you. “Counterpart” probably being too strong of a word here because Le’s design philosophy of equal juxtaposing shows in his design implementation – similar colors, materials, and details of women’s design to be cross-inspiring the modern men’s collection and vice versa.

I think I could wear a piece or two from this collection if only it was made for small (wo)men as well.

Hot Shit ::: Summer Mix by DJ Mehdi

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French music legend, DJ Mehdi (Ed Banger), made this mix of all my favorites keeping me moving in an unspeakable manner never wanting to touch ground ever again and floating in thoughts of sun warming my skin through a layer of cool flowing water. Mehdi was also kind enough to make this end-holiday mix a free download so we can enjoy this mix wherever and whenever we want to. THANX MAN! For the eyecandy So-Me made the artwork of the mixtape with DJ Mehdi himself taking a cool dip. Looking good!


The playlist speaks for itself – this is as much endless summer feeling you can get.

JAY-Z ‘Dear Summer’ Quick Intro
FLYING LOTUS ‘A Cosmic Drama’
DJ SDUNKERO ‘Choosing Love’
L-VIS 1990 ‘Forever You’
LARRY HEARD ‘The Sun Can’t Compare’
JESSE ROSE ‘You Know It’
HOT CITY ‘If That’s How I Feel’
QUEEN ‘In The Lap Of The Gods’
DRAKE ‘Made’

Lookbook ::: Hien Le Women S/S 11

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Hien Le, an up-and-coming design talent from Berlin’s creative scene was probably my favorite collection at Collect Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week 2011. Hien kindly showed me his debut designs taking his time to explain the details and inspiration to me.

Fluid materials, soft yet catchy colors, missing seams, hidden button lines or other small graphic details make Hien Le’s designs a clean, pure and modern look. His inspiration is drawn from Barnett Newman’s paintings where the graphic arrangement of small color strips and their proportion and accentuation to the entirety of the artwork play a central role.

Hien Le is a designer to watch who decorates outside the superfluous sphere whose designs will be instant classics in every wardrobe.

Can’t Buy Me Love or The Journey Is The Reward

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Two girls, two beautiful days, two attempted shopping sprees in Berlin’s vintage scene. As you may guess by now, attempted shopping means I didn’t succeed. Some of the pictures were made on Sunday after the rise of the party princesses while my Parisian friend and I took a stroll to some fleamarkets. I must say: sometimes it’s all about the trip. As the graffiti indicates – can’t buy me love – not even when you are on your own money, right Queen E. ?! What we saw that beautiful late afternoon was far better than taking items home. We found out that mushroom season must be back, made a quick stop for a power nap in Weinbergspark and were amazed by the Mitte-oasis that is the backyard and home of Murkudis concept store. The evening ended with take-out food and a movie

Part two was our hunt in second-hand stores in Kreuzberg and Mitte. Let me tell you that Colours vintage in Kreuzberg has a great selection you pay by the kilo but also has THE most arrogant sales people there are in the world. We quickly left the place for some snacks and further hunting – I almost bought that winter dress in Made in Berlin store in Mitte but it I am rarely ever finding anything that fits me. People in the 80s must have been a whole lot taller than me. Let’s hope I will succeed on Sunday ;-).

Have fun clicking through the gallery!

Something is coming up…shhhhh

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Missoni F/W 2010-2011

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The new ad campaign from Italian knitwear fashion house, shot by Kenneth Anger.

Starring probably as many members of the Missoni family as possible it is still obvious that Margherita is the center of the empire. The dream-like sequences appear like a recolored silent-horror-movie leaving the viewer unknown about the future of the fashion powerhouse. By taking us back to the early craft of filmmaking it may indicate a return to the roots of Missoni  – the family that started it all in 1953. Let’s find out what to expect from the collection when it hits the stores these days – but it certainly caught my attention.

..:: Sexy ::..

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Preparing For The Weekend…

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Hitting vintage stores by tomorrow ;-).

Coco Rocha for NY Magazine via Some Kind of Style.

Other picture via google search linked to finding sources.

..:: Movie Night ::..

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After a hang over day at the fleamarket you take your friend to you favorite food place, the Dolores, have the burrito and quesedilla on your balcony and prepare yourself for some comfortable Sunday evening movie time. So it happened yesterday and our movie of choice was Spike Lee’s 1991: JUNGLE FEVER. A piece of mastery, with an all-star cast, when it comes to racial taboos in a modern and “liberal” society. I hadn’t seen the 90s classic yet and I am tempted to watch it again this week. The dense plot hinting to the many prejudices in all people accentuated by the soundtrack from Stevie Wonder simply killed it for me.

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