Things To Do When There Is Nothing Else To Do

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I am stuck at home today with bore-out syndrome. No, I just got a bad cold but staying in bed being unable to catch a single straight thought, I am roaming the internet catching up on some new music. Somehow I find Keri Hilson keeps getting better and better. (I know the video is a bit much with all the painful expressions but the song is great.) I was never a big fan of her “I Like” ( I think it’s right next to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” when it come to most annoying songs.) “Breaking Point” is definitely a song I could listen to all morning but I guess I’ll be asleep in 20 minutes again so I’ll keep looking for more in order not to waste any of this gifted time. I got some catching up to do!

New Lykke Li

Posted in Music by strytllng on October 25, 2010

After long abstinence, the princess of Swedish Electro-Indie-Pop, Lykke Li, is back and she is teasing us with some free music. Check her new single Get Some and the B-Side of Paris Blue here.


How do you like Lykke’s new tracks?

..:: Seasonal ::..

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Yes, my friends – it is the time for attention. This may be “just” a new Berlin Mitte bag but I truly like the different format. I got this last Thursday at the opening of the new ellesse flagshipstore – this week, the Berlin Press Days are upcoming. It is the Inbetween-Fashion Weeks-Season and I like it.

Milano Day Two ::: Hunting

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After a good night of rest I slowly awoke to see a new beautiful morning. In my new Nikes I was ready to walk all day through the absolutely beautiful north-western parts of the city. After registering at an internet place, I researched some vintage places in Milan. But I found myself unable to buy anything due to the skyrocketing prices. Compared to other vintage hotspots, Milan has an excellent selection but also knows the worth of the goods. I tried on a pair of Chanel earclips just for the fun of it and headed down south to the canal where I had my best single pasta lunch so far. (You wouldn’t believe how long you have to hunt for good food in Milan! Just go to the canal – it’s all right there!) I sat down in the warm fall sun with a glass of white wine, a bottle of sparkling water and some bread waiting for my late lunch to come, watching some people pass me by on their daily routines. The dreamy dish was homemade hazelnut pasta with a blue cheese walnut sauce…no further questions on the perfection of the moment. I tried more vintage places but the canal wasn’t too inviting for a tourist when I had a Pretty Woman moment of: This dress is not for sale, I think you should leave. I am so glad the food places follow a different customer policy. I went on to buy another amazing ice-cream at an artisan ice-cream parlor and walked my way “home” where my friends would hopefully arrive soon.

Milano Day One

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I know it’s been almost four weeks but here are some impressions of my first day in Milano.

After getting up at 4am after only 3.5hours of sleep, it took me almost 3 hours from Malpensa to the hotel, (don’t try public transportation in Milan) my Parisian friends told me that they wouldn’t make it for the next two days because of (surprise) a strike at Paris’ airports and I found myself alone in the fair-weather city. You may have already read that I saw Anna Wintour before arriving at the hotel. When I got there, I changed into something comfortable and just kept on walking to explore the city. Without a map or guide, I arrived in front of the Duomo and the famous Scala where I simply inhaled the atmosphere and went for a little window shopping. I found it amazing how few people speak English and how far a trained repertoire of body language might get you when trying to shop in small stores, where I bought my Italian dinner (local-grown fruits, ciabatta, cheese and…mmmhhh…huge olives) and the best chocolate ice-cream I had to date. Can you believe the big selection of olive oil? Always a favorite when I am on vacation: a trip to the supermarkets. I finished the day early with a Jane Austen novel and slept for at least 12 hours before I got up for another beautiful day in Milan. It was all my tired aching body could have asked for that day.



Interview ::: Kaviar Gauche for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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Read the full text of this article for Swarovski Elements online magazine here or simply click on the screenshot above. It includes an interview with the lovely ladies from Kaviar Gauche. (Full text opens when you click on “Article”) And don’t fear any ending to this…new articles by the mysterious author have already been written and are in the publishing pipeline ;-). SOOOooo EXCITING!!!

..:: Hair 2 ::..

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…and it certainly is alot of it.


Image via source.

More Than A Woman

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We could do it just like men…or we can do it our own way and add an aesthetic that brings back wit and fun to fashion with an appeal that has long been lost in an over-sexed fashion world.

The lovely lady above is Kamila, a friend, the woman behind the camera of many fashion videos you’ve seen (check the MILAN FASHION CIRCUS video) on Strytllng and fresh breeze of air when it comes to viewing fashion through her camera. Who else choses the music to such perfection, makes upbeat cuts without overflashing the viewers eyes?

Just look at the “Best of New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011” video. Yes, fashion can be effortless fun with a young and chic sensitivity that’s hard to find in other videos. BRAVO MISS K!

BTW: Kamila is the younger one of a sisterly duo from Parisian video production company KO.FASHION.


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Ladies and Gentlemen: Sit back and relax as we are about to present the good, the beautiful and the stunning! Enjoy the show and let the fashion circus take you on a unique journey. Today’s entertainers are a world class act: Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti with the help of Anna dello Russo, Claudia Schiffer, Daisy Dee…but see it for yourself as the show begins!


Yes, I am the girl on the microphone you’ll never get to see – I much rather leave that to the pros.

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