Milano Day Two ::: Hunting

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on October 22, 2010

After a good night of rest I slowly awoke to see a new beautiful morning. In my new Nikes I was ready to walk all day through the absolutely beautiful north-western parts of the city. After registering at an internet place, I researched some vintage places in Milan. But I found myself unable to buy anything due to the skyrocketing prices. Compared to other vintage hotspots, Milan has an excellent selection but also knows the worth of the goods. I tried on a pair of Chanel earclips just for the fun of it and headed down south to the canal where I had my best single pasta lunch so far. (You wouldn’t believe how long you have to hunt for good food in Milan! Just go to the canal – it’s all right there!) I sat down in the warm fall sun with a glass of white wine, a bottle of sparkling water and some bread waiting for my late lunch to come, watching some people pass me by on their daily routines. The dreamy dish was homemade hazelnut pasta with a blue cheese walnut sauce…no further questions on the perfection of the moment. I tried more vintage places but the canal wasn’t too inviting for a tourist when I had a Pretty Woman moment of: This dress is not for sale, I think you should leave. I am so glad the food places follow a different customer policy. I went on to buy another amazing ice-cream at an artisan ice-cream parlor and walked my way “home” where my friends would hopefully arrive soon.

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