Fashion Failure ::: Lanvin for H&M

Posted in Lookbook by strytllng on November 3, 2010

My loyal readers may know it by now: If I don’t like something, I won’t mention it but I am ready to make an exception to the rule.

By now, we all know that H&M has found a very lucrative way in polishing their low profile image: the designer collaboration. Every season the fashion hungry await the arrival of designer couture for a lower price in the Swedish stores but why? One buys designer couture for the following reasons: 1.) It is not a product of fast and cheap fashion and therefore rare and will individualize the wearer from the masses 2) The quality of material and fitting are exceptionally good which will enhance the aesthetic of the extraordinary design it will therefore last longer and again, distinct the wearer from grey masses. 3.) It transports a positive aesthetic when worn and therefore caters to the image of the person wearing it.

Rareness is what makes designer clothing objects of desire!

The retail giant might gain a short-termed positive image which will not last in the long run as I will elaborate later but each new collaboration means a loss to the collaborating design house since the very pushy Jimmy Choo campaign in 2009. Never again will I be able to look at Jimmy Choo the way I used to or admire someone wearing them. The metallic blue sandals were everywhere and simply looked cheap when I saw them the first time worn on a woman. The touch of aggressively teenager-like women screaming and entering a store stuck to hard to them. The designer collaborations of H&M may offer beautiful pieces but when mass-produced with the regular H&M quality (no need to elaborate on what usually happens after the first time in the washing machine) what will be left of the designer piece character? One could say people buy it because it services their taste but it doesn’t. H&M has managed to create a huge buzz around each collection starting from secrecy to a cannot-hide-from-the advertisement exposure. The usual process of an item going from LOVE to SICK OF IT is a very slow process that everybody knows. You see something you like > buy it > love it > wear it many times > the item will be worn less and less until you just cannot see it anymore and abandon it in the dark spots of your closet where you might find it in many years and fall in love all over again. With the H&M designer collaboration collections the process seems like a fast motion process: I like an item I see in the advertisement > I see it approximately 50 times a day for the next 6 weeks > I am sick of the items before I even own them because of the visual overexposure before the launch of each collection > I won’t even bother to check the collection in the store. Now, that’s what I call FAST FASHION! It is no secret that the only goal this retail giant aims for, is getting me into their stores and to appeal to my consumer in$tinct$. But that’s the point I am skipping because of the very annoying overexposure to their products which no other brand is able to achieve that way.

I know there are more like-minded people out there that I speak for and for those who will get some of the pieces I can only say: I am glad fashion has become less hierarchical so we can all dress well but the point is this: H&M’s comunication department has failed in the past and will continue to fail if a maximum of press publication is the only strategy they got up their sleeves.

Let me tell you one thing about communication: the trend of a GLOBAL BUZZ is o.v.e.r!


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