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The snow came and along with it something they call: CHAOS. I like to call it THE BEAUTY OF WINTER. When everything is covered in white flakes, the frost bites you and makes your skin feel like that of a seven-year old, when you get to enjoy 3 different teas each afternoon (which friends collected for you from around the world), when everybody meets at a cozy warm place, when the flakes stop the noise by endlessly falling from the sky, people stop rushing around and even the cars slow down – that’s my favorite part of the cold season.

Next On The Knitting Line…

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Does anybody have a pattern for a knitted turban?


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Poetry In Motion

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From Nick Knight with love to honor Alexander McQueen.

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When you are all snowed in for the weekend, grab those winterboots, go to your friend’s and have the best afternoon baking Vanillekipferl and shortcrust cookies.

Support ::: Thank You

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See Blogwatch link No.2 (after a click on the image)

As most of you may have noticed by now, I love a good creative-vintage market and I ALWAYS am an active part of the CFTorganised markets at Chez Jacki in Berlin. The girls from the CFT put a lot of work and effort into making each market a special happening and it always ends up feeling like an afternoon with friends and family even though I meet the most interesting new people there.

Part of the success of this young event series is the support from Germany’s best-known fashion blog, Les Mads. Jessie never forgets to introduce this special event to her readers and oftentimes, links to (your favorite) Strytllng in the next week to keep her non-Berlin readership up to date about what they miss by not having been there.

It is this kind of kind support which helps growing – to go BIGGER BETTER BRIGHTER with each market.


Jessie, the next market is on the 18th December – SEE U THERE?!

Things To Do When There Is Nothing Else To Do 2

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So this is what you do when you didn’t properly cure that nasty cold the first time around and are stuck with something twice as bad just two weeks later. Because I didn’t have the time to do my nails in a while, I felt like taking a bit out of every single nail polish bottle I could find.

Left hand (from pinky to thumb): essie coral carousel, OPI dark room,  I Need Space + Only Gold for Me Top Coat, OPI On Stage, Givenchy Vernis Please! Incandescent Apricot

Right hand: (from pinky to thumb):  Sephora, uslu airlines AIT, no name, uslu airlines BBQ, OPI I’m with Brad

Music to keep you warm

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Radio Tricot, the “radio” of the CFT (Collectif France Tricot) have put together a beautiful theme list of 28 (winter) seasonal songs that won’t have you running back in the cold or scream Christmas is near.

Which one is your favorite?

Selection made by Vinvinc and Mr Roro.

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