Paper – Scissors – Blondie

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Procrastinating can be very productive at times. Here is today’s result: Refinery 29 introduced me to a paperdoll of Debbie Harry, legendary frontwoman of the iconic 80s band, Blondie. The doll made by I love Mel is one out of many fashion forward women that were turned into paperdolls. It might not be Barbie but the song stuck in my head thanks to the paperdoll is already worth the procrastinated time.

Image via Refinery 29.

GRIS-GRIS by Katie Gallagher

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Katie Gallagher, the upcoming designer from New York City, sent me an invitation for her Fall Winter 2011-2012 presentation at the Milk Studios … AND I COULDN’T GO. (Transatlantic trips are just a bit too much sometimes.)

Fortunate me still got a glimpse at the new Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection from the princess of dark designs. I must applaud Gallagher for spicing up her signature look of dark layered texture and light legwear with colorings of bright yellows here and there while managing to stay true to the gothic and voodoo themes.

Whether or not heavy make up is your thing, you like the entire look or prefer individual pieces,  the GRIS GRIS collection is an eyecatcher yet minimalistic enough to be invited into many wardrobes across the globe.


Engtanz* On A Grey Afternoon

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If you experience the same dark hibernal afternoon – turn up the heat with Mr. Ray Charles.

* German for a very close dance between two people. (Which usually turns up the heat immediately by itself ;-))

“My Precious!”

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After the XYZth rerun of The Lord of the Rings I still don’t understand who is who, in what world the story takes place and is their planet flat? What is it about the ring that makes everybody want it and why can’t they just all be friends and share the burden of carrying it so Elijah Wood doesn’t need to become this insane creep. Having said so, I will also add that the movies urged me to go through my favorite ‘online marketplace’ Etsy, home of the unique and vintage, to find some goodies for myself. Here are some favorites and timeless pieces in my order of preference. I love the agate rings so very much in every single color, that they almost make me forget my tight budget. (The force is strong in this one, but that would be a different epic saga.) One more character to love these statement rings:  these are handmade pieces of craftsmanship and each is one of its kind.

Agate slice ring by peaceimagesjewelry.


Pyrite Cube ring by RawEarthStudio.


Glass ring by StudioLeanne.


The classic knuckle ring by ampeefyeed.


Images via Etsy.

..:: HYPNOTIZED ::..

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No, the bangs are still as long as ever but I am going to cut them as soon as…I guess there’ll always be an excuse but sometimes things have to be done and a visit to the dentist is one of those things. The smell, the noise, the pain…it gave me a sleepless night and a higher heart rate than a person my size should handle. I arrived late with a baggage of bad memories from my last visit, two years ago. (I’ll spare the details but it was a wisdom tooth removal gone bad.) My doc is the best and tried some medical hypnosis on me and let me tell you…being at the dentist had never been this relaxing. After wiggling her fingers back and forth, my sculp started to tingle like after a good massage and I am still chilled. Dear Doc, can I please see you on a weekly basis?


Oh, by the way: turned out, everything is great with my pearly whites.

She Bangs…

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…but not the Ricky Martin way! I am simply bored out with my long semi-curved bangs and am thinking about a transition to Betty Page’s short and super-straight version.

The tricky thing: my hair is the wavy kind and the shorter it gets, the more work it means for the morning routine.

To do or not to do?!


Betty Page image via source. Other image via

..:: ORIGAMI ::..

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A beauty, huh? I love individual big jewellery like this geometric origami ring which I found on Etsy this morning. It reminded me a lot of the first piece of jewellery I had bought my adult-self a few years ago. An origamibird necklace which got stolen immediately. Those Parisian bastards – I am still not over that loss.

Too bad I cannot shop this one for myself. Does anybody care to become my shopping sponsor?

Image via Etsy.

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