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Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on April 28, 2011

Everywhere I go I see it: jewellery I love but don’t own yet. What is it these days that makes me search for unique accessories on an almost daily basis? Maybe it is the lack of time? You cannot go wrong in size when you buy it on the net. Is it the lack of cash? Accessories will update the old and very basic wardrobe and give it a more individual twist without having to replace all of your clothes. Maybe it’s the fact that Summer is rushing in and the lack of warming layers needs to be compensated with some extra weight to smoothen the transition into the warmer season?! Maybe it’s a combination of all the above but actually I am just a young woman who loves playful experiments and is sometimes drawn to the beautiful shine that’s not the ordinary jeweler’s bling.

I am definitely a blogette seeing a trend in clothing becoming of secondary importance while accessories are taking over the spotlight in stylings.

Seriously, who is looking at the clothes in the image? The Vogue PARIS styling is all about the model’s jewellery.

Image via source.


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