The Smallest Things…

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…can make you smile. Like your first home-grown strawberries, a double rainbow, finding the perfect nail polish for nothing or a bouquet of flowers from out of the blue.

Pom Pom Mania

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Another great idea for a DIY with pom poms from Honestly …WTF. For detailed instructions click here.

Song for Milla

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For a blogette that seems to get the best out of Paris life. Read her lovely, very food-centered blog here.

..:: Endings ::..

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It is a Friday in May and so far, I have had heavenly asparagus on a daily dose since Sunday. I’ve had it in multiple variations. The classic white one with Sauce Hollandaise, white vine-steamed, soup and as a salad with caramelized green asparagus which can be seen above. I liked all the variations and I am finding my love for the green kind but I do love the classic, which is why I will have to meet with my grandma this weekend to get my extra dose – mmmhhhhhh…

Doors To Heaven

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They are the place of highest frustration or the start of heavenly evenings we will still be telling our grandchildren about and sometimes they are just so damn hard to find – Berlin club doors. This great photographic series comes from the wonderful: Finding Berlin and captures the spirit of the legendary Berlin party scene. For even more wonderful images from the series, click here.

All images via Finding Berlin.

The Sound of Ice Cream

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The sound of Summer.

Currently Working On ::: Pom Pom Festoons

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Never has recycling that left-over yarn been put to better use. All you have to do is make all those pom poms and tie them together and that garden or balcony of yours will be Summer-ready in no time.

Honestly…WTF has the detailed instructions if you need them. Images also via Honestly…WTF.

A Woolen Evening In Kreuzberg

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It’s been too long but StrickenBar is finally back with its 16th edition. This time, the CFT has teamed up with Etsy Germany for an evening full of woolen fun and free drinks at the Etsy Labs in Berlin’s beautiful district Kreuzberg. Don’t worry: the knitters are a very colorful crowd of old-school pros, the young and hipsterish as well as those who have never touched a needle in their life.

Come and join!

23rd May 2011


Ritterstrasse 12-14

Admission free! Free drinks while stocks last. (Thanks to Lemonaid and Held Vodka!)

I Wish …

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Believes Funky Tribal Bag

Céline ZZ sunglasses

Osborn Design Studios Huipile Bootie

Pendleton Heritage Home Decor

I got the fashion-tribal fever in earthy tones! Céline shades are just the best this season and need to be part of my wishful thinking list to keep me from dancing around the bonfire singing spells. Enjoy your Summer!

Image via purse ‘n boots, boticca, here, The Shoe Buff, Agency V.

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