DIY ::: TIE or DYE

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 10, 2011

Monday night means EtsyDe Craftsnight in Berlin. Yesterday it was a tie dye theme which had me curious ever since I saw some reverse tie dye on Honestly…WTF. While it was a warm Spring evening, about 20 men and women of all ages gathered for an outside session at the Etsy labs and learned all about Japanese knotting techniques, sewing tricks and graphic folding. I must say, I am more into the folding because I like the effects the best and it is the fastest one can do. It is very easy to do and I am sure there a plenty tutorials on the net. Honestly…WTF provided a very good one. The most important thing is how to roll and fold your textile. The bleaching and dyeing is too easy for words.

The purple/blue was my first and is a bit too San Francisco for my taste but the second one used to be an old washed out/turned grey by age shirt which I think became wearable again through the tie dye technique. I will definitely repeat this procedure in the future.

First photo from EtsyDE Facebook album.


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  1. you don't know said, on May 10, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    you believe?! I’m not sure

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