…Because I Just Can’t Stop Listening To This…

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The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party
Best song to start a chilled morning when you know the rest of the day will be filled with tons of work and a hectic schedule.

Lego For Grown-Ups

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Can you believe it? These Lego-brick look-alikes are actually design loudspeakers with an 85dB sound coming out of them. The first time I saw them, a PR lady from K-MB was standing in front of them with her smartphone and simply connected her music library via Bluetooth – and out it came with a BOOOOOOOM. These babies are too small to be the start of a boom box revival but they are most certainly perfection when it comes to mobile music entertainment for BBQs and picnics in the park. Smart people even claim this beautiful cubic technical gadget to help you in your meetings because the Jambox from Jawbone becomes a hands-free speaking system if needed.

Let’s go out and play!

Design by Yves Behar for Jawbone.

Vintage @ VOODOO MARKET #3

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Mayflower Vintage is a brand that only recently entered the world of internet but has been in the works for the last few years as Luka May, it’s founder, DJ and aspiring singer/songwriter, has been a big fan of all things vintage since many years.

Collecting vintage fashion has become more than just a personal pleasure as it is slowly becoming a big part of his work. As a DJ he has the opportunity to express his vintage glamour aspirations, but he is also trying to bring it into the everyday life.
You can always arrange a visit to his home to see what vintage treasures he is hiding behind his 4-or-so walls.


LeMagass is a Berlin-based one-man company. The label is as multifacetted as is his owner, Mavin.
Being half polish, half guinean it’s safe to say that Mavin is the essence of the modern multicultured Metropole, or better yet: Afropole.

His Vintage-stand carries crazy multicolour 80′s bike-spandex as well as ultra old leather-bags/Gobelin-purses and belts from your grand-grannies’ cool emancipated friend from the 20′s. Inbetween all this you can find sunglasses, hats, shoes and T-Shirts (often with politically incorrect, sleazy slogans-something you don’t want your parents to see you wearing)

I don’t think I’ll have have enough bags or sunglasses.

See you on the 2nd July @ VOODOO MARKET in Berlin!

Image and text via VOODOO MARKET.

WOOD WOOD coming to Berlin Fashion Week

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Danish streetwear superstars, WOOD WOOD, have announced to do their first show ever on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (the first week of July). Now let’s hope I can get that invitation I need to see this highly anticipated show in the tent.

Opening Ceremony ::: Resort 2012

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When a 60s singer-songwriter Lolita from California was inspired by the graphic prints of Swinging London and the vibe of St. Tropez’s beaches – that’s when Opening Ceremony’s first ever Resort collection came into existence. (This of course, is my subjective idea when looking at this fabulousity.)

Their own words are not so far away:

Inspired by musical festivals, flowering meadows, and blossoming branches, the collection’s a riot of florals, fading colors, and buzzing geometric patterns. The prints, developed in-house by our very own art department, were realized on a variety of weights and fabrics including silk crepe, jersey, chiffon, and twill. The color palette is a few wild steps from OC’s beloved primaries: acid green for yellow, deep coral for red, midnight for blue, and dark charcoal for black. And, in a loving nod to the year of the rabbit, we tucked in a few bunnies wherever we could!



All images and quote via Opening Ceremony.

..:: Forever Young ::..

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Photographer Irina Wearning made this beautiful series named Back to the Future. How cool is this?! I see the beauty of aging and staying young forever in within yourself. I have a big birthday coming up next weekend and reflecting on age and life is an issue for me these days but no matter what the birth certificate says – I am still a girl.

More from this series here.

Images via source.

New Label ::: Sic Gloria

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Sic Gloria directly translates as “To the glory of…” As in, to the glory of always having your sunglasses and being somewhere you will definitely need them. To the glory of long sandy vacations and grassy naps in the park.
Sic Gloria makes unique accessories for your sunglasses by hand from high quality leather in limited editions.

I don’t know what it is like to be 80 years old and have your memories fade away but whenever grandma complains about the misfortune of aging I do relate to her stories of not finding some daily items. Sometimes I wish I could tie them to my body and ALWAYS find them whenever in need. unfortunately that’s not possible and could unbalance certain outfits. But Sic Gloria has figured out a way to NOT lose your sunglasses. The leather bands they make by hand in Berlin are certainly not a new invention but definitely a very aesthetic one.

Sic Gloria will be selling their designs at VOODOO MARKET #3 @ Chez Jacki; 2nd July, 1pm-9pm.

Images via Voodoo Market Blog.

..:: Personal Note ::..

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…because I am never personal with you ;-). But this one is a request post. The rapidly growing VOODOO MARKET is looking for vintage sellers for its next edition to join the colorful crowd of young designers, tattoo artists, Lady Gaga’s hair-stylist,… And if you haven’t guessed it by now – VOODOO, that’s my friend Oryanne from the CFT and me. I hope to see you all on the 2nd July on the former playground of the Maria nightclub. We got the market, DJs to get you into the afterhour groove while chilling on the sunny terrasse of  Chez Jacki, a workshop with ETSY and plenty of gifts for everyone while stocks last

NO, THIS IS NOT A FLEAMARKET!!! This is the one and only VOODOO.

Vintage sellers or hair appointments:

Happy Nasty

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As bad as 2010 was, the better 2011 is. One of my highlights will be the concert of: “My first name ain’t baby, it’s Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty” in two weeks in my hometown.

Here is the story: 10 years ago, in 2001, Miss Jackson announced her kick-off show for a world tour, to start here in Berlin. It would be the first one in years and it would be in Fall 2001. So I got tickets for my birthday (which happens to be in June). I was as happy as a Janet Jackson lover could be. I had the songs in my ears, the lyrics prepared and freshend-up my moves. But we all know very well what happened in the late Summer of 2001. The world stood still – in shock. Nobody knew how we could go on with the life as we knew it and the concert in Berlin was canceled. Now, exactly ten years later, she is coming back for one night in Berlin. And it isn’t just any night. It’s the night before my birthday!!!  Miss Jackson do you hear me???? I will have my last evening before my adult life starts with you – and a very beautiful friend.

Now, that’s the way love goes!

Biking in Heels

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So that’s what I look like on my way to work in the morning?! Not soooo dangerous, is it?  (Sometimes I am waiting for the police to stop me but that luckily never happens.) Actually I love riding my bike in the morning. it’s a thirty minute ride with just me, myself and I-time. I can watch stressed and hectic car-drivers, have a friendly chat with other bikers and my feet are never hurt because I sit. Honestly, I am doing this for aesthetic reasons but I love that I, as a “short” person can finally reach the pavement while still sitting in the saddle. WUAHHAAAAA.

Pictures are from here and here.

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