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These coats are to me PURE FALL PERFECTION. A little authentic country is never wrong when it comes to this unpredictable season. Rough materials were cut in cone-shapes for Lauren Moffatt’s Fall collection called You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country. So why have I spend these past…hmmm…gazillion years looking for MY fall outerwear? This dream in forest-colors with leather-applications is all I ever wanted.


BTW: Here is a little teasing from more of this relaxed-girly collection:

Images via Honestly…WTF

Don’t Know How You Do The Voodoo That You Do

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…this line from the Ladies of Salt’n’Pepa’s legendary “Shoop” describes my state of mind being in London these days. I haven’t found anything in particular that I like about this city yet. The shopping is okay, the food has been below okay so far and my hotel room is located next to a very busy street. But there is something happening with me here… After months of living for my thesis, the new job and flat, helping everybody who’s shouting at me and keeping my little VOODOO-baby growing, I am alone. I got time. I don’t even know what to do and I don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve been walking around Hyde Park yesterday. Just walking. No sightseeing – no plan on where to go. The most organized Berliner is not organizing her days here and it gives me a very warm pain to go into the unknown – that is my day ahead of me.

Falling For Red

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Yoko’s via OneTeaspoon

I stumbled over the new arrivals in OneTeaspoon‘s online shop and again, I am ridiculously IN LOVE. Soft suede in a warm orange-red?! Common…how can you not love a pair of shorts called Yoko’s. Since the Berlin Summer is slowly approaching a Berlin Fall – this warm tone couldn’t be better suited to resemble the warm colors of the third season. But I might need a little more fabric than this Australian label has to offer in order to stand the lower temperatures though. I did a little research for you and have come up with 3 jeans alternatives. They don’t hit the color exactly but from tomato-red to a slightly purple burgundy, I still have the hots for red jeans. Anything you would like to add?

Current Elliot

Levi’s Made & Crafted

Ksubi via Net-A-Porter

Working It

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A rare “Me and my outfit” post coming your way this morning. Yes, I may be biking in heels but I love my new Air Max 1s more than all my heels combined. Good morning Berlin!

Music Monday ::: Turn The Page

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Because I’ll visit THE island for the first time this week.
Because I am turning a million pages in my life these weeks.
Because two friends brought it up on a lunch break today.
Because I will see them less in the near future and I cannot bear the thought of it.

Video: The Streets via Youtube.

Back to Vintage

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Apart from the fact that these photos from an editorial called “Crazy Chic” have been photoshopped to hell and back, they tell me one thing: the vintage look is not dead yet. Lately, I haven’t seen much of it on the streets and my visits to the vintage stores have been enormously rare – not to say: barely noticeable. My favorite store in Berlin? There is none but since I will be in Mitte today I might as well visit one of the hotspots in Friedrichstraße.

Made in Berlin

Friedrichstraße 114a

10117 Berlin

Images from ELLE Canada via Not Just Another Milla.

Train Talk

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Berlin’s U-Bahn is a great place to relax with music in my ears or it get’s me aggressive because someone else pushes me or smells the way that people only seem to smell in the underground. My point right here: the experience is always an emotional rollercoaster – so it was this Tuesday.

On my left:
A man deeply concentrating on his book

On my right:
Two women round about 65 years old.

I am watching him because:

What else can you do in the U-Bahn?

I am trying to block out their very energetic voices

whilst keeping my seat next to these oversized ladies.

I realize he is reading Sophie’s Choice.

I do remember the story – who wouldn’t.

Extremes created by the evil in humanity

Loud voices from the right are blending over my thoughts

and pull them right back  into my seat next to these airy ladies.

“All those years and he never told me he loves me – now he wrote it in a letter”.

Can you believe it?

They were giggling like teenagers having GIRL TALK right next to me.

Only now do I realize how beautiful they are

and how perfectly their make-up was applied.

I was so happy to have shared this sweet moment of joy with them for a while.

The extremes of humanity on my Tuesday morning: Cruelty & Love

Eye On My Throne

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Now that my thesis is on its way to my professor, I can finally think about some decorating in my new flat. Well…I like things clean – yet playful. My heart is beating for a peacock chair but my mind doesn’t know where to get it. Help? Anyone? It doesn’t have to be white – I know how to spray-paint. Oh, and affordable should also be a criteria.

Image via source



She Wants To Move

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…the last days of this way too long thesis are finally coming to an end and my mind is gong crazy with the thought of all this spare time ahead of me (spare time is defined: evenings and weekends, which are also working hours now). I have so many wishes that I would all like to do at once: SLEEP, FRIENDS, PARTY (I am from berlin after all) & RUN…how I’ve missed running. I want to go out and meet with my friend, the street again. I cannot believe we haven’t met in so long! I don’t really care what I’m doing as long as I don’t have to sit behind that desk anymore! TAKE ME OUT!

I don’t have a brand fetish – no I am not brainwashed yet. Therefore I posted an adidas Originals video as well as the Nike Run video from Berlin because both videos cater to my hunger for exercise just perfectly.

ELLE Calling ::: Or ::: Bursting With Pride

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Read the rest of the interview on (click on image above)

Here is something I NEVER do – showing my face on my blog. This little blogettte got stage fright (Don’t know when that came over me or how I could be a dancer for 20s years dancing on a gazillion stages.) but she is also bursting with pride. My interview with – the online version of ELLE France – came out last week. I find myself in great company considering the other Berlin bigshots that have been interviewed for this portrait of Berlin fashion bloggers.

Read the rest of the interview/profile here and while you are at it, read the interviews with Mary Scherpe (Stil in Berlin), Jessica Weiss (Les Mads), Katja Hentschel (glamcanyon.) and Silke Wichert (STYLE proofed) as well. Can you believe it? Me side by side with these famous ladies. I am truly honored.

All images via

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