Train Talk

Posted in Words of Wisdom by strytllng on August 11, 2011

Berlin’s U-Bahn is a great place to relax with music in my ears or it get’s me aggressive because someone else pushes me or smells the way that people only seem to smell in the underground. My point right here: the experience is always an emotional rollercoaster – so it was this Tuesday.

On my left:
A man deeply concentrating on his book

On my right:
Two women round about 65 years old.

I am watching him because:

What else can you do in the U-Bahn?

I am trying to block out their very energetic voices

whilst keeping my seat next to these oversized ladies.

I realize he is reading Sophie’s Choice.

I do remember the story – who wouldn’t.

Extremes created by the evil in humanity

Loud voices from the right are blending over my thoughts

and pull them right back  into my seat next to these airy ladies.

“All those years and he never told me he loves me – now he wrote it in a letter”.

Can you believe it?

They were giggling like teenagers having GIRL TALK right next to me.

Only now do I realize how beautiful they are

and how perfectly their make-up was applied.

I was so happy to have shared this sweet moment of joy with them for a while.

The extremes of humanity on my Tuesday morning: Cruelty & Love

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  1. notmsparker said, on August 11, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Eavesdropping on the underground is the best way to stay informed and entertained. That´s why I gave up listening to anything else.

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