Happy Holidays

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on December 27, 2011


Wishing everyone the relaxing Holidays we all deserve!
As you can see, I prepared myself with my own version of “Yoga” – OPI nail polish and gossip.


Sometimes It’s Like A Jungle…

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on December 13, 2011

Matching different sorts of checks has easily become my latest obsession – but this is so good, it is almost obscene!  Note to self: look out for vintage Kenzo.

STREETFSN, you might become my new favorite Streetstyle-Blog! For more images from this mix & match series, click here.

The Evolution of Friendship

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on December 7, 2011

When you cross a certain age,  you’ll start seeing changes. When you’re younger it’s the change of mobility. You’re going out and stay up all night. There is a voice in your head telling you nothing should change because the carefree life should remain forever. Ten years later friends start “settling” and the words from your dear friends “I am pregnant” sound like the end of the world to you. What will change in your friendship? Your daily schedules won’t match, your spontaneous meetings in bars, parks or your Saturday nights will never be the same again until your friend’s baby will leave the nest in 20years from now.

It feels scary seeing my friends become moms and dads…but after the first shock I am looking forward to see a lot of new things happening. Because we will create an entire set of new memories.

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