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Posted in Editorial by strytllng on February 19, 2012

Long tome no read…I know.

I woke up this morning like any other day thinking about my sweet little blog and how little time I have to share some of my favorite finds on the net. I had a few thoughts lately about things I had observed on the streets but when should I write about them? I have one month of excessive travelling ahead of me (I’ll try to keep you posted on them.) and it’s not getting any easier with my job (which I do love!). In fact, I have to thank my hectic schedule for today’s blogpost because I am working (Yes, it’s a Sunday) and while I was at it I found this beautiful image of Swedish singer Lykke Li which I wanted to share with you.

Her winter comfort styling, the smooth coloring and the carefree look on her face made me love it immediately. Winter melancholy at its best. Powerful, isn’t it?

Image via GQ Germany.

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Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on January 10, 2012



You know your French friends love you when they come with French fashion magazines to visit you.

Striking how very similar these two covers are, non?

Could This Be?

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on September 6, 2011

Who made this miracle happen? What is different? Do I really like this editorial featuring Alexa Chung? Did I really fall for the 60s aesthetic? (It’s been a little too “out there” since H&M are using it for their Fall key-looks) Is it my lack of vitality (ask me about some strength left in those sore muscles of mine.) or am I not the only one loving this editorial from Harper’s Bazaar UK?

As you may know, I am not a fan of overly present people/things/trends/campaigns/… therefore I haven’t been the biggest Alexa fan out there. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely is a beautiful girl with a very interesting appeal, a good sense in style and I am sure she is nice too but she’s been EVERYWHERE these past two years, presenting her “unique” style. I pretty much got bored at one point seeing her on yet another magazine cover – until today. But what is it that makes me like these photos so much? I’ve been thinking about this for two hours now and here are my racing thoughts about it: it’s the photographic ‘snapshot’ aesthetic paired with these relaxed 60s looks. It’s not about her – any model could have been staring in this feature. My favorite protagonist in this editorial is in fact the knitted sweater in the record store.

Pattern? Anyone?

Images via Studded Hearts.

Back to Vintage

Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on August 15, 2011

Apart from the fact that these photos from an editorial called “Crazy Chic” have been photoshopped to hell and back, they tell me one thing: the vintage look is not dead yet. Lately, I haven’t seen much of it on the streets and my visits to the vintage stores have been enormously rare – not to say: barely noticeable. My favorite store in Berlin? There is none but since I will be in Mitte today I might as well visit one of the hotspots in Friedrichstraße.

Made in Berlin

Friedrichstraße 114a

10117 Berlin

Images from ELLE Canada via Not Just Another Milla.

Wild Wild West

Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on June 5, 2011

You may have noticed by now that this season, my sense of styling has been inspired by old photographs of Native Americans from the 19th century. Not only do I love the prints and soft leather combined with an overload of accessories made of natural materials but it is also the inherent calmness that these pictures radiate. If you need some reminiscence, please search for photos of Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull. They send out a mystic energy of power and wisdom which captures my mind these days.

I found these photos from Numéro on SPELL and the Gypsy Collective. They are not quiet the originals but it’s a 21st century photoshoot in perfection. The series in sepia reflects the fashion trend inspired by the originals as close as a Burberry coat could come the North American continent and its rich history. The best photoshoots seem to be either made in heaven or in France.

In LOVE with LOVE ::: The Kooples

Posted in Editorial, Fashion, Lookbook by strytllng on May 12, 2011

This is how you do a corporate blog right. Choose a relevant topic and stick to it in order to create your identity. French fashionhouse, The Kooples, came out with their own blog a while ago and I L O V E it. No, literally…whether these two are a couple or not, but I am fascinated seeing new “episodes” of their lives while they subtly present The Kooples’ designs. The blog is like a reality editorial that never ends and is ever-expanding. They love, they fight and they remind me a lot of the destructive love only Kate & Pete had. Have you ever seen a better lookbook? Those other giants better take notes in image builiding. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Kooples blog.

All Images via The Kooples blog.

Current Mood ::: Accessory Envy

Posted in Editorial, Fashion by strytllng on April 28, 2011

Everywhere I go I see it: jewellery I love but don’t own yet. What is it these days that makes me search for unique accessories on an almost daily basis? Maybe it is the lack of time? You cannot go wrong in size when you buy it on the net. Is it the lack of cash? Accessories will update the old and very basic wardrobe and give it a more individual twist without having to replace all of your clothes. Maybe it’s the fact that Summer is rushing in and the lack of warming layers needs to be compensated with some extra weight to smoothen the transition into the warmer season?! Maybe it’s a combination of all the above but actually I am just a young woman who loves playful experiments and is sometimes drawn to the beautiful shine that’s not the ordinary jeweler’s bling.

I am definitely a blogette seeing a trend in clothing becoming of secondary importance while accessories are taking over the spotlight in stylings.

Seriously, who is looking at the clothes in the image? The Vogue PARIS styling is all about the model’s jewellery.

Image via source.

Support ::: Thank You

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on December 7, 2010

See Blogwatch link No.2 (after a click on the image)

As most of you may have noticed by now, I love a good creative-vintage market and I ALWAYS am an active part of the CFTorganised markets at Chez Jacki in Berlin. The girls from the CFT put a lot of work and effort into making each market a special happening and it always ends up feeling like an afternoon with friends and family even though I meet the most interesting new people there.

Part of the success of this young event series is the support from Germany’s best-known fashion blog, Les Mads. Jessie never forgets to introduce this special event to her readers and oftentimes, links to (your favorite) Strytllng in the next week to keep her non-Berlin readership up to date about what they miss by not having been there.

It is this kind of kind support which helps growing – to go BIGGER BETTER BRIGHTER with each market.


Jessie, the next market is on the 18th December – SEE U THERE?!

Erin And The Knit

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on November 22, 2010

I’ve been knitting every second that I could these past days and I must say: I am improving with every stitch. A friend of mine supplied me with JALOUSE magazine where I saw these pictures of Erin Wasson sporting knitwear. I might not be ready to compete with these things but I got my hands on a hippie-esque shirt made with cotton yarn which I will show you as soon as it will be done.

Wishing you all a great week!

Images via source.

And When The Rain Begins To Fall…

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on September 16, 2010

If facing fall means channeling the cape- and babydoll style of the late 60s/ early 70s – I’M IN!

Oversized sweaters, ankle booty or knee-high socks, browns, yellows and burgundies,  short coats and capes shaping silhouettes of minidresses.

VOGUE UK – October 2010

All images via knight cat.

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