Hello Fashion Week

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Might be tired as hell but my hands are ready to go through a week of madness.

And in case you are wondering…nail polish: OPI Cajun Shrimp, nail art pen by Sally Hansen.


Berlin Fashion Week ::: VANS Party with Mos Def

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Here is something I don’t want to miss! Lupe Fiasco AND Mos Def performing at a single venue?! Count me in…thank U VANS!!! Sounds like this will be the benchmark party for Berlin’s Fashion Week opening day.

Sometimes It’s Like A Jungle…

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Matching different sorts of checks has easily become my latest obsession – but this is so good, it is almost obscene!  Note to self: look out for vintage Kenzo.

STREETFSN, you might become my new favorite Streetstyle-Blog! For more images from this mix & match series, click here.

ELLE Calling ::: Or ::: Bursting With Pride

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Read the rest of the interview on (click on image above)

Here is something I NEVER do – showing my face on my blog. This little blogettte got stage fright (Don’t know when that came over me or how I could be a dancer for 20s years dancing on a gazillion stages.) but she is also bursting with pride. My interview with – the online version of ELLE France – came out last week. I find myself in great company considering the other Berlin bigshots that have been interviewed for this portrait of Berlin fashion bloggers.

Read the rest of the interview/profile here and while you are at it, read the interviews with Mary Scherpe (Stil in Berlin), Jessica Weiss (Les Mads), Katja Hentschel (glamcanyon.) and Silke Wichert (STYLE proofed) as well. Can you believe it? Me side by side with these famous ladies. I am truly honored.

All images via

Hien Le ::: SS 2012

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Hien Le’s first show on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin can only be called a huge success. From the unisex concept of material and coloring for his men and women line, Hien Le made my Fashion Week-tired eyes glow with joy again. Not only am I in love with his effortless tailoring and the minimalistic approach which are his signature look but the designer born in Laos dedicated this collection to his grandfather, a tailor himself during French-colonial, Laos. This Berlin fashion genius has the art of a perfect dress in his genes, arranges colors perfectly without imitating trends and integrates the history of his family into this beautiful collection. I have to applaud Hien Le for creating a Spring Summer 2012 collection that has a lot of soul – something the industry needs so desperately.

Allow me a very personal note: I met Hien Le a little over a year ago when he presented his collection at Collect Showroom. He is the nicest designer I ever met. When I ran into him at the Wood Wood show on Thursday, he was the epitome of calm (imagine you are presenting just two days later  for the first time in front of a big audience) and asked me if I am coming to see his show. Hien was so sweet as to remember me. VERY nice, talented & skilled and loving his grandparents – WOW. (All of my friends know my grandma is my very favorite.) That’s exactly why I named him one of my favorite designers from Berlin in my interview with right before his show. (Just look at those perfect shorts!)

Remember this name as you will read more about him in the big papers: HIEN LE

Bloggers + Accessories

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Lieb und Teuer

Zauberhafte Elv

The Urban Maiden

When Fashion Bloggers meet at a Fashion-Blogger-Meeting and it’s THAT special week, you won’t find them wearing the ordinary outfit lend by a designer for a four-digit retail price. Bloggers, as I have noticed on myself this season, are the creative kind and go for extraordinary accessories of any kind. We all know how embarrassing it can be to find out somebody else is wearing the same mass-produced retailer you do. Right?!

All You Need Is…

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…in that little purse of yours. What else does a blogette need during Fashion Week? Cosmetic items, business cards, sunglasses wallet, pen + moleskin, smartphone with all invitations in the email-account and a camera in hand.

What came handy to you this season? What else do I need next season?

Fashion Week’s Most Anticipated ::: WOOD WOOD SS 2012

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A relaxed atmosphere in Berlin’s Summer evening sun attracked a colorful crowd of streetwear lovers.

Attending Copenhagen’s streetwear label WOOD WOOD‘s show last night, did not disappoint. This was the most anticipated presentation of Berlin Fashion Week so far and not only did the off location in an old industrial yard stress the distinction from other aspiring high-fashion designers showing their collection to a very small selected few. The outdoor backyard character with the setting sun brought out the warm colors in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection called STATE OF MIND.

Inspired by trips to Southern California, we see hippies, collegiate and Native American influences. The warm colors of the evening sun dipping into the ocean or coloring the deserts in a deep orange can be seen in beautiful tie-dyes on natural high quality fabrics such as sand-washed silk, Angora wool, woven knits and fine cotton.

Some of my favorites were the red knitted dress with a naked back and the coats with special lining. But did you see the long braid with pom poms? That’s were they had my heart pumping.

For a better view, click through the gallery above.

DIY @ Bread & Butter

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I am all in the DIY mood these days and if you happen to be at Bread&Butter in Berlin this week – this seems to be an interesting place to go. Artists and stylists like Superblast, Anton Unai and Linda Ehrl will be working their magic on denim.

Where: MAVI (Denim Base, D 27)
When: July 6th-8th; 10-18pm

WOOD WOOD coming to Berlin Fashion Week

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Danish streetwear superstars, WOOD WOOD, have announced to do their first show ever on the catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin (the first week of July). Now let’s hope I can get that invitation I need to see this highly anticipated show in the tent.

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