Pic du Jour ::: Lykke Li

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on February 19, 2012

Long tome no read…I know.

I woke up this morning like any other day thinking about my sweet little blog and how little time I have to share some of my favorite finds on the net. I had a few thoughts lately about things I had observed on the streets but when should I write about them? I have one month of excessive travelling ahead of me (I’ll try to keep you posted on them.) and it’s not getting any easier with my job (which I do love!). In fact, I have to thank my hectic schedule for today’s blogpost because I am working (Yes, it’s a Sunday) and while I was at it I found this beautiful image of Swedish singer Lykke Li which I wanted to share with you.

Her winter comfort styling, the smooth coloring and the carefree look on her face made me love it immediately. Winter melancholy at its best. Powerful, isn’t it?

Image via GQ Germany.

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I Want to Be A Pretzel

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Struggling with the sufferings of an aging hip, this video simply made my jaw drop. How is it possible this guy not only has the flexibility of a rubber band but is also gifted with the artistic skills of a trained circus artist?! It’s time I am going back to my pilates classes more regularly – yoga will have to wait – this is too advanced for my hip.

I stumbled over this amazing video on one of my favorite blogs, KREUZBERG’D, where you may get some more informations on the artist.

Where Am I?

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Berlin Fashion Week ::: VANS Party with Mos Def

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Here is something I don’t want to miss! Lupe Fiasco AND Mos Def performing at a single venue?! Count me in…thank U VANS!!! Sounds like this will be the benchmark party for Berlin’s Fashion Week opening day.

..:: Currently Reading

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You know your French friends love you when they come with French fashion magazines to visit you.

Striking how very similar these two covers are, non?

Happy Holidays

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on December 27, 2011


Wishing everyone the relaxing Holidays we all deserve!
As you can see, I prepared myself with my own version of “Yoga” – OPI nail polish and gossip.


Sometimes It’s Like A Jungle…

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on December 13, 2011

Matching different sorts of checks has easily become my latest obsession – but this is so good, it is almost obscene!  Note to self: look out for vintage Kenzo.

STREETFSN, you might become my new favorite Streetstyle-Blog! For more images from this mix & match series, click here.

The Evolution of Friendship

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When you cross a certain age,  you’ll start seeing changes. When you’re younger it’s the change of mobility. You’re going out and stay up all night. There is a voice in your head telling you nothing should change because the carefree life should remain forever. Ten years later friends start “settling” and the words from your dear friends “I am pregnant” sound like the end of the world to you. What will change in your friendship? Your daily schedules won’t match, your spontaneous meetings in bars, parks or your Saturday nights will never be the same again until your friend’s baby will leave the nest in 20years from now.

It feels scary seeing my friends become moms and dads…but after the first shock I am looking forward to see a lot of new things happening. Because we will create an entire set of new memories.

Image via source.

Morning Theme

Posted in Music by strytllng on November 15, 2011

If you found yourself in an underwater situation of any kind this morning – this is our theme.

My heating broke down turning parts of our flat into a pool. Can you beat that?

Lookbook ::: Maison Scotch – London meets Paris

Posted in Lookbook by strytllng on November 6, 2011

Does anyone remember those oversized windbreaker jackets in white/red/blue back in the days when East 17 had a song or two in the charts? No? Well I do because my older brother had one of these Scotch & Soda IT-Jackets and I thought it to be a classic and kept it in the back of my closet (Where it still is.).

To my surprise, the same brand had opened up a store during Fashion Week in the summer 2011 in Berlin Mitte and I liked what I saw. The Dutch label has found a nice mix of what I can only describe as “A French girl goes to London.” The latest collection from the premium label Maison Scotch is characterized through: Boyish elements meet French chic – a vintage inspired layed back attitude is combined with glamour elements.

Can you believe the model was allowed to smile for this lookbook?

All images via source.

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