Lookbook ::: OneTeaspoon A/W 1011

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Some people cannot wait until the day they turn 18: they run free, careless and might even pack their few belongings to take a road trip. But what they don’t have in mind is a concrete and ambitious vision of their future. The young Amy Walsham took that road trip from Queensland all the way down to Sydney but instead of camping, partying or visiting friends, she had 2 scissors, a suitcase full of clothes and her head filled with visions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that her first designs were sold alongside Australia’s motorways until a streetwear retailer ordered the first selected items in 2000. By now, OneTeaspoon’s unconventional designs and selective designs are available world-wide and celebrities like Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie are among the famous fans.

Irregular hemlines and cuts, impure prints, slouchy and oversized cuts meet high quality fabrics in soft rosé, black, white and jeansblue while  decoratively placed utensils like colossal zippers, perfect beading and studded designs create a contrasting interplay leaving the wearer effortlessly fashionable day- and nighttime. My personal favorite are the bodysuits with ueberlarge frills. Definitely a new label to keep in mind.

London Fashion Week: Dark Romanticism at Gemma Slack AW 2010

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This dark and mystic collection may not be everybodies darling for the gothic inspired collection is certainly aiming at an edgier fashion crowd but the video presentation is a must see. It is probably one of the best I have seen in a long time.

*New York Fashion Week News* Katie Gallagher FW 2010-2011

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Young designer Katie Gallagher is slowly starting to take over my fashionheart completely. It was love at first sight when I saw her S/S 2010 collection for the first time. Her designs are all about figure fitting with yet a very structural character. Katie Gallagher may not be a fan of the rainbow colors but her designs are multifaceted by details.

The New York based designer who has worked for such names as Anna Sui, has presented her A/W 2010-2011 collection during New York Fashion Week and gave her latest collection the interesting name: “The Heart of the Woods and What I Found There.”

My inspiration for the collection came originally, by a landscape painting that I created as well as my pencil/line drawings.

The collection is very focused on wrapping and layering the curves of the female body with non traditional patternmaking and tailoring. Her unconventional approach towards designing shows more than ever in this latest collection.


ellesse’s hot comeback – back to preppy tennisschool

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Your favorite Strytllr has NEVER played tennis in her life but always admired those who managed to make the most out of their legs on the centre court. I’ve come upon this amazing lookbook and had a: “wait a second” moment. I know this brand just seeing that self-distinguishing logo. Yes guys, the brand, that was probably most en vogue with celebrities on and off the tennis court in the 80s is coming back and I must say – I couldn’t be more cheerful if I had two pom-poms in my hands. Everything seems right about this reinvention of a brand with a long heritage that may have been forgotten for the last 15 years.

The Italian brand has hired Mauro Massarotto who has worked with such names as STAROS, Lacoste or P.A.R.O.S.H in the past. The designer has kept the colorful style and updated the collection through modern fabrics, edgy shapes and endless combinatory possibilities.

A shoe collection consisting of leather and canvas high- and lowtops was presented in January at the Bread & Butter Exhibition in Berlin

The A/W 2010-2011 collection will be available in stores soon.

Read more about the history of ellesse here or invite me to my first tennis lesson via comment function. THANX.

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