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…in that little purse of yours. What else does a blogette need during Fashion Week? Cosmetic items, business cards, sunglasses wallet, pen + moleskin, smartphone with all invitations in the email-account and a camera in hand.

What came handy to you this season? What else do I need next season?


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If you’ve been following Streetstyle blogs during this Fashion Week season, you’ll have noticed the trend of megawatt colors outside the runwayshows. The trend seems to be going towards big accessories, structures and patterns but the combination of flashy colors, flashy design and overaccessorized fashionistas is just not my cup of tea. I prefer the clean-cut design accentuated with some color – a style that won’t stress your visual sense. In fact, the minimalist-neon combination soothes the overfashioned brain like homemade lemonade on one of these first hot Spring days.


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To Market, To Market – Milan Vintage

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What looks to be a tiny part of Milan turns into the biggest antique- and fleamarket in Milan.  Once a month, the canal in the south-west of the city turns into the biggest gathering of style and presentation.

People know I am THE vintage girl and I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity for any Missoni fashion show in the world. I put on my Aigner silk skirt, which I bought two years ago and the Aigner bag and combined them with an American Apparel cotton shirt and a hat that used to belong to someone in a former life. Black patent leather Oxfords were in order to keep me on my feet all day long.

The market was amazing. They had pretty much everything one could imagine. From mini Biedermeier furniture to 70s glasses, fake and real designerbags to the best jewelry selection I had seen so far – even dogs were carried in “puppy purses” at this outstanding “go see”. (Which I thought the most ridiculous thing one could do to a living being).

By the end of the day my feet hurt and I didn’t dare to buy much. Except for a few, the sellers were all pros and demanded exceptionally high prices for the goods. The most fun is browsing through the beauty of past times anyways, right?

..:: Bags + Order ::..

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Now this is as intimate as it gets for a girl – I am showing you my bags. As you can see these are clearly almost all vintage (except for the big white clutch which I simply couldn’t resist in Galeries Lafayette in Paris and the grey Zara with the heavy chain strap) and across the shoulder purses. Not pictured are my current new loves, the backpacks – that would be another challenge.

I am proud to call all these babies my own and whenever I find a new love, trust me the family will keep on growing which brings me to my problem already. I don’t mean to treat them badly but I just don’t have a lot of room for them in my small apartment. Which is why I will have to sell some on an upcoming fleamarket @ Jacki Terrasse on the 28th – but I am not doing this light-heartedly, trust me. Yes, I already feel bad to see them squeezed into the two boxes but what’s the alternative? How do you store your bags? I am looking for anything decorative and with a preference of having them rest right where I can see them. The furniture solution below is very original but I don’t think it will serve the purpose very well.

Furniture element via Entwurf Direkt.

..:: Fleamarket Treasures ::..

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I met a couple of friends on a sunny Sunday noon to go to the latest addition of Berlin’s fleamarket scene, the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt. Situated at Kreuzberg’s Maybachufer, home to the famous Turkish market, the fleamarket has quickly become a great alternative to the overflowing Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg. I made some great deals there on Sunday. Not pictured is the MAC eyeshadow in cream for 50 cents. The belts and earrings were all 2€ a piece which I bought from a lovely couple who happen to live right around the corner with a never-ending prop of 80s accessories. Plus talking to them was probably one of best experiences that day. Him: probably in his early 40s with a rich tan and a bright orange shirt; Her: about the same age same tan and short hair matching the color of his shirt (check her nails): I’ve been my wife’s stylist for 18 years and let me tell you: the long earrings must go with hair up high and a strapless dress. And I think I don’t disagree with him but I’ll surely adjust some of the things he told me ;-). These two were truly originals and I’ll have to see them the next time again for she said she would be back with bags.

Click on the pictures in the gallery above for larger images of my latest family members!

Product of the day ::: Las Vegas bag by Mandarina Duck

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Two different sized handleholds for fashionability or comfort which can be replaced in winter by felt handleholds that come with the Las Vegas bag.
The innovative fabric is also part of the modern design that caught my eye so quickly and I imagine it to be a little like parachute fabric and therefore to be light-weighed. The bag comes in different shapes,colors and with an extra bag hidden inside. The price is very reasonable and available on the Mandarina Duck homepage.

All Images via Mandarina Duck.

The girl is BAG

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Lovers, friends and random strangers: I am back from my (too) short vacation in Paris. Don’t fear this post because I won’t bore you about ALL the exciting things I did as I will cut straight to the important parts – THE SHOPPING. I did some great deals in my favorite vintage stores in Rue de la Verrerie and Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie which I want to share with you as promised. Trust me, you don’t even want to know how good of a bargain these babies were. All you need to know is that they just moved in with me and that they will keep me good company this summer

This will be about the bags and the bags only! I am more into bags than shoes while on my vintage hunts because I just don’t like the thought of walking in someone else’s shoes.

The Aigner Bag

Ingenious lock system

I love cross-shoulder bags. They are great for everyday use and clubbing because they keep your hands free for the more important things – drinks, food, phones, (fill in the blank). This one is an original Aigner bag which must have been barely used for there are no signs of heavy usage. I was so lucky that I got it. I had spotted it from across the room when some girls arrived at the purse stand first and didn’t seem to appreciate this hidden treasure at all. UFF.

Blue Velvet + Pencil Case

What’s there not to like about blue velvet? This bag will add some color to my collection. To my surprise a matching pencil case was hidden inside of it. This baby will be used as a clutch and turn into a purse when I will get tired of carrying it around – but when would that be the case?

The Clutch

This Riccone clutch reminded me of rusty-brown old saddles and the chair Carrie bought from Aiden in Sex and the City and he tells her that the stripped the leather of an old pullman car seat and all the lines from usage and the smell can tell a story. And that my friends is exactly why I like vintage bags – they tell you a story. That and the fact that these are affordable goodies with a good chance that you won’t meet another one like it.

Your Strytllr

Introducing ::: VELVETINE

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A French label using finest italian leather to get us affordable bags. No more comment necessary, the bags speak for themselves.

All images via VELVETINE

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