Song for Milla

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For a blogette that seems to get the best out of Paris life. Read her lovely, very food-centered blog here.

In LOVE with LOVE ::: The Kooples

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This is how you do a corporate blog right. Choose a relevant topic and stick to it in order to create your identity. French fashionhouse, The Kooples, came out with their own blog a while ago and I L O V E it. No, literally…whether these two are a couple or not, but I am fascinated seeing new “episodes” of their lives while they subtly present The Kooples’ designs. The blog is like a reality editorial that never ends and is ever-expanding. They love, they fight and they remind me a lot of the destructive love only Kate & Pete had. Have you ever seen a better lookbook? Those other giants better take notes in image builiding. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Kooples blog.

All Images via The Kooples blog.

Fashion Week Berlin ::: What They Wear

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on January 19, 2011

So here is a first impression of your favorite fashion victim from inside the tent where I saw the opening show of A.F. Vandevorst at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011. It was way too early for fashion. I used to live right around the corner of Bebelplatz, where the tent is located. Instead, I had to take two busses and it took me 40minutes from door to tent.

Later this day, I will see Augustin Teboul at the Soho House and attend the Happy Store Opening at Torstrasse.

You can take the girl out of Mitte but Mitte will remain a part of this girl.


Image via

Next On The Knitting Line…

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Does anybody have a pattern for a knitted turban?


Image via / For more images visit: fashiontoast

And The Winner Is…

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The winner of the Atmo & The Lightz contest is: Emilie!!!! Congratulations. Send me an email with your address (Hope it’s still in Europe ;-)) and you’ll receive the 10″ collector’s double CD. Here is why it’s yours:

If September is still summer or if summer time is when you dance all night long and sleep all day, I’ve got one..

Happily walking through the so-called city of love, the single worry in your mind was this piece of hair jumping on and on over your sunglasses. Never mind you were cruising with style and the heart full of love. From streets to streets, shops to shops and fake stylish kids to sad fashion oldies, you finally met up with this old mate for coffee.

Nice day, sweet time you left for new adventures. And here we go again…streets, corners, buses, children rushing out of schools, oh god is it the famous model? Yes it is…again walking, running, jumping, dancing it was love time, you and the city.

And then it was hunger time…indecision, organisation, long minutes spent trying to reach dinner-friends and then BOOM he was just right before your nose.

Hello, Holà, How are you, What’s new..the usual, the casual. Except that not having eaten for the entire day does not help to look gorgeous, happy and self confident. Nope you just look like an old fashionista who just spent the day walking like a neurotic, and this hair..gosh this piece hair was still doing gymnastic upon your head.

Miggy Likes Italy

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This girl is my daily read, my funny laughter and inspiring entertainment. Miggy’s blog is one of UK’s fastest growing and a Cosmopolitan Blog Award nominee but other than that she’ll be hopefully coming to Berlin in a few weeks so we can rekindle what once began at Berlin Fashion Week. But it seems she is hopelessly in love with Italy at the moment and what does Berlin have to offer in return? The best parties, a fast growing creative scene, the best upcoming designers, huge fleamarkets and my humble company :-).

Miggy, I hope you’ll make it here soon and please do not forget that gorgeous Mouillé swimsuit!

Image via Miggy Likes The Internet.

No sleep until I read – Jalouse magazine April 2010

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I love this French magazine and I will do my reading tonite along with some fine French cheese that I brought home with me from my trip to Paris. Don’t miss their very fine blog either!

Image found on Some Kind Of Style.

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