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This is how you do a corporate blog right. Choose a relevant topic and stick to it in order to create your identity. French fashionhouse, The Kooples, came out with their own blog a while ago and I L O V E it. No, literally…whether these two are a couple or not, but I am fascinated seeing new “episodes” of their lives while they subtly present The Kooples’ designs. The blog is like a reality editorial that never ends and is ever-expanding. They love, they fight and they remind me a lot of the destructive love only Kate & Pete had. Have you ever seen a better lookbook? Those other giants better take notes in image builiding. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Kooples blog.

All Images via The Kooples blog.


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…and this is why fashion campaigns need music. Just like the Vanessa Bruno + Lou Doillon lookbook videos, Prada found the perfect music partner in Ratatat. There is no need to look at the individual looks to notice that the Spring Summer 2011 collection is all about a wild energetic mix with minimalist shapes and bold colors with invigorating big, big, big – over the top – stripes. Alongside the vivacious music, this fashion video equals fashion happiness that should not be taken too serious.


*The perfect symbiosis of fashion and music: Prada + Ratatat

Hermès ::: Fingerskate Campaign

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Unlike others, this is a campaign I like. It is new, smart and something I would have never expected Hermès would do.  And that is actually what makes the viral so efficient – it astonishes by surprise. They came in a bit late on the “We have our own social network”-train (J’aime mon carré) but this is viral-forward. I could watch this over and over and…

Now that is how you present your latest collection with smart awareness. Bravo!

Missoni F/W 2010-2011

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The new ad campaign from Italian knitwear fashion house, shot by Kenneth Anger.

Starring probably as many members of the Missoni family as possible it is still obvious that Margherita is the center of the empire. The dream-like sequences appear like a recolored silent-horror-movie leaving the viewer unknown about the future of the fashion powerhouse. By taking us back to the early craft of filmmaking it may indicate a return to the roots of Missoni  – the family that started it all in 1953. Let’s find out what to expect from the collection when it hits the stores these days – but it certainly caught my attention.

A Little Homemade Photoshop Campaign by ERES/Chanel for Housewive Lovers

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Here is some Pre-Father’s-Day Fun: ERES Paris’ microsite for their new swimsuit collection. Simply slide with the cursor tool over the Chanel covered housewives and see the Photoshop-like effect bare the skin and swimwear of the models holding on to the pole. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

You didn’t think I would show you the “after” pictures, did you?

All images via The Shoptometrist.

Campaign ::: Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2010

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There is always something about Miu Miu that has the: I WANT IT factor. I saw the new chunky heeled platform shoes weeks ago and the birds on them reminded me of Marc Jacobs satchel that I had a crush on most of last year. Just when I thought I was over it, Miu Miu puts the swallow birds back on the radar.

The campaign hints towards the impression that after Alice in Wonderland, we will ride the Lolita-train a bit more this fashionable year. The model looks very young, innocent, non-adult sexy but still like she knows what to do to make those shoes look superb. The look juxtaposes schoolgirl-chic meets business-hippie perfectly.

This is what Lolita’s grand-daughter would look like today. I think Vladimir Nabokov would approve of this campaign. BRAVO!

Sighting ::: The eyes of Luca Gadjus

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Wow, not only do I think that I see her quiet often studying at Grimme Centre (library) in Berlin but I am freaking out all the time because let’s face it: she looks a lot better without make-up and in comfortable clothes than most of us would after a photoshop overdose. Doesn’t she literally have the sharpest eyes there are in any campaign? I am speaking of German supermodel Luca Gadjus.

None of that dizzy sexy sleepiness that is so en vogue in editorials right now. No, the heads over at STRENESSE are aiming for a clean picture sans accessories, jaw-dropping set or light – the creatives have decides to even ban colors in order to focus on Luca herself giving the most piercing looking eyes I have probably seen in a fashion campaign in the past 3 years. Everything fits the character of the label. Clean chic meets a powerful personality!

Chapeau STRENESSE + Luca Gadjus.

Images are photographs from the STRENESSE Campaign in INSTYLE magazine Germany, March 2010

Emerging artist Sissi is the face of Furla’s S/S 2010 campaign

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Italian brand Furla, best known for leather goods and accessories, has chosen Italian artist Sissy, winner of ‘Furla per l’Arte 2002’ as the face of their new S/S 2010 campaign.

Photographer: Francesco Carrozzini; Stylist: Anna Carraro; Location: Collegio Artistico Venturoli, Bologna, Italia

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