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Sic Gloria directly translates as “To the glory of…” As in, to the glory of always having your sunglasses and being somewhere you will definitely need them. To the glory of long sandy vacations and grassy naps in the park.
Sic Gloria makes unique accessories for your sunglasses by hand from high quality leather in limited editions.

I don’t know what it is like to be 80 years old and have your memories fade away but whenever grandma complains about the misfortune of aging I do relate to her stories of not finding some daily items. Sometimes I wish I could tie them to my body and ALWAYS find them whenever in need. unfortunately that’s not possible and could unbalance certain outfits. But Sic Gloria has figured out a way to NOT lose your sunglasses. The leather bands they make by hand in Berlin are certainly not a new invention but definitely a very aesthetic one.

Sic Gloria will be selling their designs at VOODOO MARKET #3 @ Chez Jacki; 2nd July, 1pm-9pm.

Images via Voodoo Market Blog.

..:: Personal Note ::..

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…because I am never personal with you ;-). But this one is a request post. The rapidly growing VOODOO MARKET is looking for vintage sellers for its next edition to join the colorful crowd of young designers, tattoo artists, Lady Gaga’s hair-stylist,… And if you haven’t guessed it by now – VOODOO, that’s my friend Oryanne from the CFT and me. I hope to see you all on the 2nd July on the former playground of the Maria nightclub. We got the market, DJs to get you into the afterhour groove while chilling on the sunny terrasse of  Chez Jacki, a workshop with ETSY and plenty of gifts for everyone while stocks last

NO, THIS IS NOT A FLEAMARKET!!! This is the one and only VOODOO.

Vintage sellers or hair appointments:

Doors To Heaven

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They are the place of highest frustration or the start of heavenly evenings we will still be telling our grandchildren about and sometimes they are just so damn hard to find – Berlin club doors. This great photographic series comes from the wonderful: Finding Berlin and captures the spirit of the legendary Berlin party scene. For even more wonderful images from the series, click here.

All images via Finding Berlin.

..:: Berlin Week ::..

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…if you had an equally great time out in the clubs of Berlin, New York, Tokyo or wherever you were, you’ll appreciate this tune as the positive vibe it is. It has everything a great dancefloor track needs to boost you into the new year with great happyness: a funky tune, a fine gospel choir and of course the HOUSE PIANO!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!

Support ::: Thank You

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See Blogwatch link No.2 (after a click on the image)

As most of you may have noticed by now, I love a good creative-vintage market and I ALWAYS am an active part of the CFTorganised markets at Chez Jacki in Berlin. The girls from the CFT put a lot of work and effort into making each market a special happening and it always ends up feeling like an afternoon with friends and family even though I meet the most interesting new people there.

Part of the success of this young event series is the support from Germany’s best-known fashion blog, Les Mads. Jessie never forgets to introduce this special event to her readers and oftentimes, links to (your favorite) Strytllng in the next week to keep her non-Berlin readership up to date about what they miss by not having been there.

It is this kind of kind support which helps growing – to go BIGGER BETTER BRIGHTER with each market.


Jessie, the next market is on the 18th December – SEE U THERE?!

Knitting For The Brave – A Soirée chez Jacki

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The attentive reader may know I am a big fan of Jacki Terrasse, a club in Berlin. Every two weeks there is a special event at this beautiful raw diamond which I would like to call my own deck at the waterfront. Stricken Bar is every two weeks on a Saturday afternoon where ‘professionals’ from the 80’s and today’s hipsters meet with a cool drink under the sun in hammocks, standing, on benches with self-made pillows or however they like it. Because the knitting that I have been a fan of all summer long is not what some blogs would like to make it- it is the most relaxed and authentic get-together of various people enjoying the same thing: wools and needles. The fabulous French BBQ is a plus and a needle and wool bar awaits those new to the subject.  Attending the knitting is free of charge!!!


For those who are thirsty for some fresh location and some booty-shaking and heels-clacking to round off the fashion week, this will be my choice of place later on that evening, when the sun goes down and the night begins. The After-party is hosted in the same location with VERY fine house DJs. (Cover charge!) Shhhhhaaake…

Because I like you all so very much to join me for the party: I have 5 x 2 guestlistspots for the most innovative things you can think of that I should learn to knit in the future. Leave me a comment! (Winners will be announced on Friday)

Chez Jacki – Terrasse
An Der Schilling Brücke
10243 Berlin

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