New Love in Fashiontown: RIKA

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There are moments in our lives that will change anything and looking back we are under the impression that we knew exactly what we were doing, when being asked how we managed to get the job we always wanted, dated the hottest (wo)man there was to date or how we influenced somebody’s life to the better, we are sure to tell a confident story of well prepared steps and skills. But the truth is, a moment that life-changing is barely ever noticed until the effects of it can be seen as rock-solid results.

When Swedish born stylist-turned-designer Ulrika Lundgren started her fashion label Rika in 2005 she was probably one of the few who knew exactly what she was doing. After a successful career in fashion and interior styling for prestigious magazines such as Casa Vogue and Elle Decoration, Lundgren put her creative drive and her experience in the fashion world to a good start. As for her love of details Lundgren credits her Grandmother who showed her that the round-off to a harmonious outfit lies in the small things. The designer’s choice to use handcrafted chemical free leather and canvas is an additional bonus showing her understanding to a modern’s girl wardrobe that will include strong pieces as well as romantic items and won’t miss a vast selection of timeless vintage pieces.


Rika’s upcoming Autumn/Winter collection 2010 was inspired by modern icons and French it girls du jour like the always natural beauties Vanessa Paradis and Clémence Poésy. Notebookprints, soft colors and nude tones are giving this collection its je ne sais quoi but besides the playful and mysterious charm of French Bohème, the signature pieces must be the stars and lips accessorized leather goods. Every woman on Planet Fashion says she would love to get a hands on the 2.55 from Chanel but one look at the rosé colored suede Liv Bag and the hearts of young girls and women alike will be handed over into the arms of passionate up-and-coming designer Ulrika Lundgren who understands the core of feminine need for dressing.

We might age but we will never lose our need for playful and eye-catching details uplifting our walk as we manage every moment of our so-called life – but it’s a hell lot of easier being confident when you feel good in the clothes that you are in.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rika is highly in demand. A special collection is currently available at Opening Ceremony and RIKA MAGAZINE’s issue no.two has become a rare collector’s item, sold out even at Colette or what I like to call it: Fashionmecca.

If you want to know how your Strytllr heard about this amazing fashion treasure, then you must not have read my past articles carefully. The reminder is here.

New colette Podcast ::: MULTICOLOR PODCAST DE MAI

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This multicolor podcast presents an explosion of senses. Taste the delicate sounds of Missy Eliot and Uffie, listen to the voices of Scout Niblett, Sleeping States and Tunng, smell the perfumes of Superimposers, Kavinsky and Efdemin, look at the sonic landscapes of Flying Lotus and Jayson Brothers, then be touched by Thieves Like Us and Villa Nah.But first of all…feel, because music is to listen with your heart.

Listen to + download the multicolor podcast of May.

Text and image via colette.

Frenchies do it better in your ear. Colette goes podcast with André

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As if I am not already head over heels with Uberstore Colette and French artist André. Well now, I found out that they are making a podcast, which the very pragmatic among us can get on iTunes or download directly at Colette’s homepage.

Here is what they have to say about number 13:

The French artist has temporarily closed his overloaded agenda-book to come and chat with us about his current exhibition at Colette this month. You will also hear the latest musical news with Warpaint, Aswefall, Spooky, Editors, Wareika, Four Tet and finally the sweet and soothing singsong of Irmin Schmidt’s ” Kamasutra “.

I must say it is not the same as testing their amazing selection of music in the store but as soon as I find out what scent they are using to comfort the willing customers, I might get into a similar mood at home. Those who haven’t been to Colette, Paris, yet: It is one of those scents you simply adore and is certainly very recognizable

A stry that had to be told.

Photos via Colette

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