Earbling ::: Ryan Storer

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on May 27, 2013

I got an early birthday wish: Earcuffs by Ryan Storer. The majority of his collection may be sold out but a few pieces are still left – I REALLY want these!!! Rosegold, crystal and pearls – what an amazing combination!

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Eye On My Throne

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Now that my thesis is on its way to my professor, I can finally think about some decorating in my new flat. Well…I like things clean – yet playful. My heart is beating for a peacock chair but my mind doesn’t know where to get it. Help? Anyone? It doesn’t have to be white – I know how to spray-paint. Oh, and affordable should also be a criteria.

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Lego For Grown-Ups

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Can you believe it? These Lego-brick look-alikes are actually design loudspeakers with an 85dB sound coming out of them. The first time I saw them, a PR lady from K-MB was standing in front of them with her smartphone and simply connected her music library via Bluetooth – and out it came with a BOOOOOOOM. These babies are too small to be the start of a boom box revival but they are most certainly perfection when it comes to mobile music entertainment for BBQs and picnics in the park. Smart people even claim this beautiful cubic technical gadget to help you in your meetings because the Jambox from Jawbone becomes a hands-free speaking system if needed.

Let’s go out and play!

Design by Yves Behar for Jawbone.

Pom Pom Mania

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 26, 2011

Another great idea for a DIY with pom poms from Honestly …WTF. For detailed instructions click here.

Lolita x Tomboy

Posted in Fashion, Lookbook by strytllng on May 13, 2011

Last night I had a dream: I went back to Australia but for only 72hours. (Why one would travel around the globe for 72hours Down Under is beyond my logic.) What did I do with my precious time? After being followed by a gigantic snake I mainly went for some shopping. Some of my favorite blogs are from the southern hemisphere which may explain me dreaming about the continent far far away where Summer wardrobe dreams seem to come true.

Is the Australian Summer really so far away for this Berlinette? Then I remembered OneTeaspoon a label which is also available in Europe. I got the lookbook quickly to share with my readers. I must say, my love for this young label is growing even more. The Fall-Winter 2011 collection named The Wanderer mixes the perfect lolita look with tough tomboy style. Shorts, kimono-inspired jackets and babydolls meet XXL legged jeans and buttoned up shorts. My favorites are definitely those wide jeans paired with the kimono jackets. Inspiring!

In LOVE with LOVE ::: The Kooples

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This is how you do a corporate blog right. Choose a relevant topic and stick to it in order to create your identity. French fashionhouse, The Kooples, came out with their own blog a while ago and I L O V E it. No, literally…whether these two are a couple or not, but I am fascinated seeing new “episodes” of their lives while they subtly present The Kooples’ designs. The blog is like a reality editorial that never ends and is ever-expanding. They love, they fight and they remind me a lot of the destructive love only Kate & Pete had. Have you ever seen a better lookbook? Those other giants better take notes in image builiding. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Kooples blog.

All Images via The Kooples blog.

Video Of The Day…

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on April 14, 2011

…you know why. 😉

New Bloglove ::: SPELL & The Gypsy Collective

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This picture, from a photo shoot which I found on my new favorite blog for the upcoming sunnier season, made me realize: I am totally in love with everything that comes from SPELL & The Gypsy Collective. (Remember my “sunny” post from last week?!) Even though this is a “brand” blog (BRAND sounds like a big global player, which doesn’t do these unique designs any justice. But you’ll get my point.), they’ve done the best in getting me hooked on their progress as they document their designs with shootings, show sources of inspiration, post their weekend activities and more. These ladies know, what my pale Spring soul lusts for and make the most atmospheric shoots with their very own designs. So why don’t I finally add them to my daily reading list a.k.a. my blogroll? …!!! Exactly.

See more enchanting images here.


Video from the ENFANT SAUVAGE shoot:

..:: ORIGAMI ::..

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A beauty, huh? I love individual big jewellery like this geometric origami ring which I found on Etsy this morning. It reminded me a lot of the first piece of jewellery I had bought my adult-self a few years ago. An origamibird necklace which got stolen immediately. Those Parisian bastards – I am still not over that loss.

Too bad I cannot shop this one for myself. Does anybody care to become my shopping sponsor?

Image via Etsy.

Lookbook ::: Hien Le Men S/S 2011

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After Friday’s post of Hien Le‘s stunning Women S/S 2011 collection, I didn’t want to keep the male counterpart from you. “Counterpart” probably being too strong of a word here because Le’s design philosophy of equal juxtaposing shows in his design implementation – similar colors, materials, and details of women’s design to be cross-inspiring the modern men’s collection and vice versa.

I think I could wear a piece or two from this collection if only it was made for small (wo)men as well.

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