Documentary ::: Lost Bohemia

Posted in Video by strytllng on November 18, 2010

Imagine a commune of the most interesting artists who played with Duke Ellington or made a name for themselves and it all hapens to be on top of Carnegie Hall, NYC. Shamefully it is all slowly vanishing but Josef Birdman Astor, has captured the melodrama in his documentary from an inside view with the voices of the tenants before the creative institution is gone forever.

The film was shown at New York Documentary Film Festival and I hope it will soon be available in Europe as well.



Posted in Words of Wisdom by strytllng on November 17, 2010

INFLUENCERS – a short documentary that explores the role of trendsetters and how a trend spreads. Focusing on creative scenes the message is authenticity, honest devotion and never to forget your social engagement and to offer mentorship to young talents.


Quote from the webdoc:

A tipping point is the biography of an idea and the idea is very simple. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do.

Malcolm Gladwell

On brand establishment and the usage of influencers:

You can’t fake it – you can’t create like this movement overnight. It’s not about one individual or a brand paying money to one single person…It’s about brands really embracing a culture and a scene and empowering it and creating a true partnership.

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