..:: Personal Note ::..

Posted in DIY by strytllng on June 12, 2011

…because I am never personal with you ;-). But this one is a request post. The rapidly growing VOODOO MARKET is looking for vintage sellers for its next edition to join the colorful crowd of young designers, tattoo artists, Lady Gaga’s hair-stylist,… And if you haven’t guessed it by now – VOODOO, that’s my friend Oryanne from the CFT and me. I hope to see you all on the 2nd July on the former playground of the Maria nightclub. We got the market, DJs to get you into the afterhour groove while chilling on the sunny terrasse of  Chez Jacki, a workshop with ETSY and plenty of gifts for everyone while stocks last

NO, THIS IS NOT A FLEAMARKET!!! This is the one and only VOODOO.

Vintage sellers or hair appointments:

A Woolen Evening In Kreuzberg

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 18, 2011

It’s been too long but StrickenBar is finally back with its 16th edition. This time, the CFT has teamed up with Etsy Germany for an evening full of woolen fun and free drinks at the Etsy Labs in Berlin’s beautiful district Kreuzberg. Don’t worry: the knitters are a very colorful crowd of old-school pros, the young and hipsterish as well as those who have never touched a needle in their life.

Come and join!

23rd May 2011


Ritterstrasse 12-14

Admission free! Free drinks while stocks last. (Thanks to Lemonaid and Held Vodka!)

DIY ::: TIE or DYE

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 10, 2011

Monday night means EtsyDe Craftsnight in Berlin. Yesterday it was a tie dye theme which had me curious ever since I saw some reverse tie dye on Honestly…WTF. While it was a warm Spring evening, about 20 men and women of all ages gathered for an outside session at the Etsy labs and learned all about Japanese knotting techniques, sewing tricks and graphic folding. I must say, I am more into the folding because I like the effects the best and it is the fastest one can do. It is very easy to do and I am sure there a plenty tutorials on the net. Honestly…WTF provided a very good one. The most important thing is how to roll and fold your textile. The bleaching and dyeing is too easy for words.

The purple/blue was my first and is a bit too San Francisco for my taste but the second one used to be an old washed out/turned grey by age shirt which I think became wearable again through the tie dye technique. I will definitely repeat this procedure in the future.

First photo from EtsyDE Facebook album.

“My Precious!”

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on February 17, 2011

After the XYZth rerun of The Lord of the Rings I still don’t understand who is who, in what world the story takes place and is their planet flat? What is it about the ring that makes everybody want it and why can’t they just all be friends and share the burden of carrying it so Elijah Wood doesn’t need to become this insane creep. Having said so, I will also add that the movies urged me to go through my favorite ‘online marketplace’ Etsy, home of the unique and vintage, to find some goodies for myself. Here are some favorites and timeless pieces in my order of preference. I love the agate rings so very much in every single color, that they almost make me forget my tight budget. (The force is strong in this one, but that would be a different epic saga.) One more character to love these statement rings:  these are handmade pieces of craftsmanship and each is one of its kind.

Agate slice ring by peaceimagesjewelry.


Pyrite Cube ring by RawEarthStudio.


Glass ring by StudioLeanne.


The classic knuckle ring by ampeefyeed.


Images via Etsy.

..:: ORIGAMI ::..

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A beauty, huh? I love individual big jewellery like this geometric origami ring which I found on Etsy this morning. It reminded me a lot of the first piece of jewellery I had bought my adult-self a few years ago. An origamibird necklace which got stolen immediately. Those Parisian bastards – I am still not over that loss.

Too bad I cannot shop this one for myself. Does anybody care to become my shopping sponsor?

Image via Etsy.

StrickenBar + Etsy ::: Designer + Fleamarket

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The StrickenBar got together with Etsy Germany for an afternoon of vintage, unique designer sales and the Stricken Terrasse, which is of growing popularity. Friends of mine and myself had our own fleamarket corner right on Jacki Terrasse‘s dancefloor which we had decorated in the style of the coziest Laundromat we wish it existed. Loads of clothes, accessories, a clotheshorse, nailpolish, fashion magazines and a vintage issue of a German nude magazine were our setting. (Notice the headline: My wedding night with the crazy guy from Sydney – how “wild” that must have been in 1968.)

Many creative labels sold the most unique items Berlin had to offer that Saturday afternoon. One of my favorites was the label “PIMP” which doesn’t only create the craziest circus-like outfits ever but is also the creator of the rising star in Berlin’s hipster bag scene: the “ALDI GAGA” bag. Our neighborstand really got my heart pumping because the necklaces by “forkit!” were an excentric yet absolutely wearable mixture of wildly patterned leather and filigree metalls and Oh lala Tartes shop took good care of us while Jacki’s bar provided anisdrinks, beer and lemonade. My personal highlight was yet the Etsy photobooth which was in the manner of one of these quick taking photo cabins standing at airports or streets but Etsy’s laser light background was circa 1989 and original clothing and accessories provided 30 seconds of fun until the session was over – did I mention it was for free?!!! Yes, I went back about 3 times –  and the photostrips will be locked forever in the privacy of my home – what better memory is there for great afternoon with your friends?

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