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Well, a little relaxing vacation may sometimes end up being a whole lot of fun and a flashback into those childhood memories. Do you remember begging your grandparents to take you and your sibling to the annual funfair in town and then jumping up and down to the rhythm of flickering lights and loud musical beats? Well my grandparents always thought it was too dangerous but they used to take us out anyways. It was there that I saw the “cool people” for the first time with their tight acid washed jeanjackets, the huge fluo plastic earrings dangling from teens’ and tweens’ ears, leaning at the barriers having first kisses – and the coolest girls all got plastic roses or a teddy bear from their sweetheart. Well, three weeks ago, I got to be that girl – FINALLY. Looking through the pictures was like looking into a whole lot of memories because at the carnival time had been standing still for the past 25 years. Oh these precious memories. Can your hear Snap’s “Rhythm is a Dancer” somewhere in the back of your head while looking at these photos?

Introducing ::: SUNO NY ::: Kenya meets NYC

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This video lookbook about girls on old-school skates just made my day. Where was spring hiding again? Who cares. I am sitting here on my desk with the sun warming me through the window, a good tune coming from my iPod and researching the brand that brought us this amusing video.


SUNO was found in 2008 by Max Osterweis after more than a decade of collecting textiles on his visits to Kenya. Osterweis’ rich collection of Kenyan textile patterns continues to be a huge influence on SUNO’s style. The endless possibilities in detailing fabric with color and different patterns are updated through modern and American retro-inspired shapes. What strikes me the most about this brand is the fact that Max Osterweis and fellow designer Erin Beatty stay true to their roots by producing in New York and Kenya as well. Osterweis and Beatty are giving back by developing their designs and samples in New York’s Garment district followed by artisanally producing the garments in small workshops in Kenya.

Inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection comes from late 1960s American interiors, traditional East African textiles, Klimt, travels to Turkey, Paris, and India, as well as from the citizen of New York City. SUNO is available at Opening Ceremony.

All images via SUNO Facebook Fanpage

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