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You know your French friends love you when they come with French fashion magazines to visit you.

Striking how very similar these two covers are, non?

Meeting Sublime

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When you finally get back from a dreamy vacation – you have to love going through those hundreds and hundreds of photos you took. Among others, I took an imaginary million photos of a picturesque spectacle that was the view on the sunset from the terrace of “our” house. Those were the calmest minutes when I watched the sun go down behind the mountains, tinting the sky in unseen warm shades and turning the mountains into a deep blue.

ELLE Calling ::: Or ::: Bursting With Pride

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Read the rest of the interview on (click on image above)

Here is something I NEVER do – showing my face on my blog. This little blogettte got stage fright (Don’t know when that came over me or how I could be a dancer for 20s years dancing on a gazillion stages.) but she is also bursting with pride. My interview with – the online version of ELLE France – came out last week. I find myself in great company considering the other Berlin bigshots that have been interviewed for this portrait of Berlin fashion bloggers.

Read the rest of the interview/profile here and while you are at it, read the interviews with Mary Scherpe (Stil in Berlin), Jessica Weiss (Les Mads), Katja Hentschel (glamcanyon.) and Silke Wichert (STYLE proofed) as well. Can you believe it? Me side by side with these famous ladies. I am truly honored.

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Wild Wild West

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You may have noticed by now that this season, my sense of styling has been inspired by old photographs of Native Americans from the 19th century. Not only do I love the prints and soft leather combined with an overload of accessories made of natural materials but it is also the inherent calmness that these pictures radiate. If you need some reminiscence, please search for photos of Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull. They send out a mystic energy of power and wisdom which captures my mind these days.

I found these photos from Numéro on SPELL and the Gypsy Collective. They are not quiet the originals but it’s a 21st century photoshoot in perfection. The series in sepia reflects the fashion trend inspired by the originals as close as a Burberry coat could come the North American continent and its rich history. The best photoshoots seem to be either made in heaven or in France.

The Good Monday ::: 22 Ways To Say Black

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As Strytllng has reported before, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has invited 22 of the biggest designer names to support the American Cancer Society and Ligue nationale contre le cancer in France with a charity auction of their reinterpretations of the Little Black Dress. The auction will be tonite at Phillips de Pury & Company in New York City. It was announced that France’s First Lady, Carly Bruni will join the event with full profits going to the two charity organizations. See the video of the exhibition and the marvellous dresses yourself.

Introducing ::: SESSUN

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Introducing? What is this girl saying?

I know that some of you might already know this brand but it is not very well known in Germany yet. I myself have come upon this streetwear label while I was in Lyon for the Nuits Sonores and the lovely Claire introduced me to the French brand. I never really forgot about SESSUN but it wasn’t very present either until a friend of mine invited me to his first exhibition of photography to Lyon.

So I decided to contact the PR at Sessun to ask for the Spring/Summer lookbook – and PAAAAHHHMMM – it hit me again. The mix of different material, the warm colors and recognizable prints, the sportive cuts and yet modern feminine design.

Emma François, founder of SESSUN got the inital idea to design a clothing line instead of dedicating herself to her studies of economic anthropology while she was on a journey through South America. During the visit Emma passionately fell in love with South America’s stunning culture and craftsmanship and preserves and reinvents those impressions with every new collection since 1995.

I like this line especially for the contrast in warm mustard and jeansblue colors while puristic cuts meet materials of fluidity. I am sure I will find a retailer in Berlin soon otherwise: LYON be aware!!!

For more informations SESSUN

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