..:: Space Invader ::..

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My infinite love for the mosaic artist began 3 years ago while spending some time in Paris. I couldn’t stop documenting his art work in the streets of the French capital and even bought a small canvas copy to take home with me. The love for Space Invader’s work soon inspired my work as a communication consultant and evolved into an award-winning online project for one of the big players in sportswear, juxtaposing pleasure with the necessary. Offline, I continued to search for his work on my visits to Paris, infecting friends with the fever – but no flame would ever be hotter than mine was for the small colorful tiles that mean the world to me.

Yesterday, a friend of mine gifted me with this unique piece of accessory – making me a cheerleader for a Springlovin’. “I found it in Thailand and it made me think of you.” The fact, that I was figuratively with her in South-East Asia by the sight of the little monster made the day as perfect as can be. You know, it’s just as they say: Good things come in small portions.

Now, I’ll have something to remember you Miss H.!!! Thank U L.O.V.E.

..:: Magical Saturday ::..

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When you are all snowed in for the weekend, grab those winterboots, go to your friend’s and have the best afternoon baking Vanillekipferl and shortcrust cookies.

Happy Birthday K.

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When a beautiful friend from Paris, a frequent visitors of the world’s most stunning beaches and an obsession for fashion with fringes, invites you to celebrate her birthday with an intimate dinner, there was just one idea on my mind: knit her a boho cotton shirt that will work with shorts and a bikini watching the red sun sink into the ocean. It was my first try on something wearable and it took an eternity but it was F.U.N.

New Arrival

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I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…*feel free to sing along with me*

I got this pair of flashy Nikes today for a bargain you wouldn’t believe – one could say: for free but the superstitious don’t make shoe gifts. I SOOO VERY MUCH LOVE THEM ALREADY! I guess Milan will be a whole lot more colorful by Thursday.

For the lovely Miss H.

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Even when I'm a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I'm a Superwoman

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. With admiration: Happy Birthday Love.

..:: Girltalk ::..

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Fashionista: Do I need any accessories with this?
Wise1: No, it’s Summer – that’s the best accessory of ’em all.

Moment of wise laughter.

1,2,3,4…Making My Night Brighter

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Disco Mix by Models Own

Roisin Murphy

Yes, today is MY day and I’ll be celebrating it like a girl does. With all my friends in a brand new hotspot, loads of glitter and sequins, high heels and damn fine music.



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