Pom Pom Mania

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 26, 2011

Another great idea for a DIY with pom poms from Honestly …WTF. For detailed instructions click here.

Discovery ::: GOGO PHILIP

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on April 26, 2011

When Georgi (Gogo) Philip Peckinov, Milanese banker turned jewellery entrepreneur he didn’t aim for the rich and famous. Instead he aimed for fun-loving and out-going women world-wide. Taking inspiration from the infamous designs of the last four decades, GOGO PHILIP‘s vintage inspired jewellery stole the spotlight at the Müller & Zenone showroom during the Berlin Press Days. Literally every blogette and journalist entering the small showroom at Hotel Amano in Berlin Mitte, jumped for joy and asked for details about the unknown young designer. To our surprise, the eye-blinding beauties are very well affordable and are available at Topshop.

While the current collection, as seen on the first photo, was an homage to the golden era of disco, the second collection is far more boho. For all of you with access to Topshop you know where to get your own little piece of playful accessory. For a blogette like myself that means waiting for GOGO PHILIP coming with his own store to Berlin.

Top image via GOGO PHILIP homepage. Other images are Strytllng’s own.

Look du Jour ::: Stine Goya @ Agency V

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on April 15, 2011

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I loved this Stine Goya look at Agency V during the first Berlin Press Day. It is simple with special attention to the details such as the zippers, accentuated shoulders and the hypnotizing print.

..:: Space Invader ::..

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on March 22, 2011

My infinite love for the mosaic artist began 3 years ago while spending some time in Paris. I couldn’t stop documenting his art work in the streets of the French capital and even bought a small canvas copy to take home with me. The love for Space Invader’s work soon inspired my work as a communication consultant and evolved into an award-winning online project for one of the big players in sportswear, juxtaposing pleasure with the necessary. Offline, I continued to search for his work on my visits to Paris, infecting friends with the fever – but no flame would ever be hotter than mine was for the small colorful tiles that mean the world to me.

Yesterday, a friend of mine gifted me with this unique piece of accessory – making me a cheerleader for a Springlovin’. “I found it in Thailand and it made me think of you.” The fact, that I was figuratively with her in South-East Asia by the sight of the little monster made the day as perfect as can be. You know, it’s just as they say: Good things come in small portions.

Now, I’ll have something to remember you Miss H.!!! Thank U L.O.V.E.

“My Precious!”

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After the XYZth rerun of The Lord of the Rings I still don’t understand who is who, in what world the story takes place and is their planet flat? What is it about the ring that makes everybody want it and why can’t they just all be friends and share the burden of carrying it so Elijah Wood doesn’t need to become this insane creep. Having said so, I will also add that the movies urged me to go through my favorite ‘online marketplace’ Etsy, home of the unique and vintage, to find some goodies for myself. Here are some favorites and timeless pieces in my order of preference. I love the agate rings so very much in every single color, that they almost make me forget my tight budget. (The force is strong in this one, but that would be a different epic saga.) One more character to love these statement rings:  these are handmade pieces of craftsmanship and each is one of its kind.

Agate slice ring by peaceimagesjewelry.


Pyrite Cube ring by RawEarthStudio.


Glass ring by StudioLeanne.


The classic knuckle ring by ampeefyeed.


Images via Etsy.

Milano Day Three ::: All In The Details

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Now that day three had approached and my two friends had arrived from Paris, we needed a bigger hotelroom suited for three people. After a long search, we finally found ourselves in a flat-like vintage hotelroom from the 70s and were ready to hit the Just Cavalli show, did some post-show interviews and went to the La Perla lace night to finish the day. Above you see the most outstanding and individual people there were for me that day. One is Daisy Dee (Fashion Trix TV) and Romina Caponi (Designer for Roberto Cavalli) who both had very different stylings but both were very relaxed in what they while effortlessly giving it a very personal twist with their accessories. Daisy’s necklace was a one-of-a-kind gift from her friends naming all the blessings in her life and Romina’s clean cowgirl look met the orient with her dark eyeliner and jewellry which she had bought from a local designer during a visit in Turkey. I am a big fan of Romina’s accessories but there was nothing brighter that day than Daisy’s smile – gotta love the girls!

..:: Solid Gold ::..

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on October 6, 2010

It is probably one of the safest oral investments to say that Anna dello Russo is the golden girl of every streetstyleblog there is. Everyone loves her and her outfits.  The sequined dress now caught my eye as well and I love that it is absolutely NOT too much to pair it with some golden fun accessories. Oh, how I need more sequins in my wardrobe!

Image via the talented Mr Newton.

Impressions ::: Subject60 Tour Berlin

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This little blogette got herself a pretty black envelope in the mailbox a few weeks ago saying that the Swedish family car brand will make a hip fashionable fuzz in Berlin’s Station, also residence to the Premium Exhibition. Everybody was invited: The minor celebrities, fashionable people, car interested folk, professional bloggers who saw their chance of taking as many pictures as they could to get an equal amount of clicks on their platforms the next day and then there were those like me: LYKKE LI LOVERS.

Yes, that’s right: Lykke my dear if you read this: hola! From your Acne booties to the black leather cape/longjacket, I loved everything about you effortless look. Your sets may have been short but were pure energy. Too bad the big cameras in the front row slowed down your spark from inflaming the second row but I didn’t care and neither did you, when you said:

Stop taking photos with your fuckin’ cameras and dance with me.

See, this is why you are a true artist and not just the stylish musician, many PR people would like to make you.

The rest of the evening can be summed up like this: drinks, drinks, drinks…all with alcohol (which is weird considering there was no water available for the first few hours at a car presentation event-but we liked that too), great job on the decoration with the big screen animations and the karaoke car performances but I must admit, while Lykke surely pulled in many guests, the Borchardt’s catering by Berlin’s most prominent celebrity restaurant, wasn’t any less spectacular.

Did I mention that Yvan Rodic and Adam Port were also part of the “spectacle”? Too bad Yvan was barely seen taking pictures of guests, because I love to watch him pull out people out of the crowd. DJ Adam Port on the other side did a great job getting the dancefloor moving.

As for my own comfort that evening, I celebrated it with friends and my “for free” outfit. An oversized squared jersey short dress from Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood which I got as a hand-down from a friend accessorized it with multiple gold chains which were either given to me by friends & family or which I got from parties in Berlin. My purse was a tote by No.74 which I got at the launch of the “I like my style” magazine a few weeks ago.

All in all it was a roaring night for Berlin’s fashion crowd supporting my ever-growing admiration for Lykke Li.

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