Music to keep you warm

Posted in Music by strytllng on December 1, 2010

Radio Tricot, the “radio” of the CFT (Collectif France Tricot) have put together a beautiful theme list of 28 (winter) seasonal songs that won’t have you running back in the cold or scream Christmas is near.

Which one is your favorite?

Selection made by Vinvinc and Mr Roro.

Not Ready For Fall…Yet!

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on October 12, 2010

Thanks to my friend J, I own yet another color. Yes, I was already wearing the greys and dark mystic shades but who said you couldn’t feel like neon hot pink on a cold fall evening? Thank you J!!!!

Image via USLU Airlines.

I Cannot Go Another Day Without My Fan

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on July 12, 2010

From Lagerfeld to Klimt and Picasso, from Old Hollywood to the wonders of nature – this is an homage to my favorite accessory on the hottest days of summer.The fan rescues me on a regular basis from enormous meltdowns in public transportation, in a bar or a club and it definitely saved the Fashion Week for me. (Imagine too many people in a tent!) I usually carry one or two of them with me in my purse and it is on my list when I go through my checklist of things of what I need to pack in the morning. It might seem strange in the beginning to have people look at you but no worries that’s the jealousy-stare. I’ve had no complaints from anyone sitting next to me yet. The only difficulty lies in the right technique which will come eventually with a lot of practise and after the first muscle soreness. This is my second season as a fan of the fan and I highly recommend the investment. Go to the closest store with Asian items and enjoy the constant stream of air in your hair. FABULOUS.

During my research for pictures I stumbled over the long forgotten language of the fan. If you want to know what certain moves with the environmental friendly winding item could get you into: here are some examples.

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