Earbling ::: Ryan Storer

Posted in Fashion by strytllng on May 27, 2013

I got an early birthday wish: Earcuffs by Ryan Storer. The majority of his collection may be sold out but a few pieces are still left – I REALLY want these!!! Rosegold, crystal and pearls – what an amazing combination!

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Under Her Spell

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on April 5, 2011

Why don’t we all live in Australia or Southern California, I am asking? Because it would ruin the fun of looking forward towards Summer. My city had a very hot preview this weekend of what the favorite season will be like. The sun came out for two days and had everyone walking in shorts, practising their laissez-faire boho mood. Isn’t it striking how very different the vibe of a hectic city can be as soon as the sun is out and the temperatures are up? It all changes with a few rays of light – turning dark faces into bright relaxation.

Images via Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Accessories in these fantastic pics designed by the very talented SPELL.

All The Bright Things ::: J Dauphin

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on July 29, 2010

After having worked for such prestigious labels as Fendi and the Tod’s Group, French-Suédoise Johanna Dauphin found her own jewelry label in 2006. Contrasting materials such as hard metals and soft Nappa aren’t the new kid on the town and her combination of the two will not automatically make you run away with your Harley but instead the pieces support the free-spirited character of those wearing J Dauphin. It is the kind of jewelry that is not accessory but instead a clothing item itself and underline the non-seriousness that fashion is trying to regain at the moment.

See some close-ups from the showroom here.

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