Currently Working On ::: Pom Pom Festoons

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 18, 2011

Never has recycling that left-over yarn been put to better use. All you have to do is make all those pom poms and tie them together and that garden or balcony of yours will be Summer-ready in no time.

Honestly…WTF has the detailed instructions if you need them. Images also via Honestly…WTF.

A Woolen Evening In Kreuzberg

Posted in DIY by strytllng on May 18, 2011

It’s been too long but StrickenBar is finally back with its 16th edition. This time, the CFT has teamed up with Etsy Germany for an evening full of woolen fun and free drinks at the Etsy Labs in Berlin’s beautiful district Kreuzberg. Don’t worry: the knitters are a very colorful crowd of old-school pros, the young and hipsterish as well as those who have never touched a needle in their life.

Come and join!

23rd May 2011


Ritterstrasse 12-14

Admission free! Free drinks while stocks last. (Thanks to Lemonaid and Held Vodka!)

Music to keep you warm

Posted in Music by strytllng on December 1, 2010

Radio Tricot, the “radio” of the CFT (Collectif France Tricot) have put together a beautiful theme list of 28 (winter) seasonal songs that won’t have you running back in the cold or scream Christmas is near.

Which one is your favorite?

Selection made by Vinvinc and Mr Roro.

Happy Birthday K.

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on November 24, 2010

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When a beautiful friend from Paris, a frequent visitors of the world’s most stunning beaches and an obsession for fashion with fringes, invites you to celebrate her birthday with an intimate dinner, there was just one idea on my mind: knit her a boho cotton shirt that will work with shorts and a bikini watching the red sun sink into the ocean. It was my first try on something wearable and it took an eternity but it was F.U.N.

Erin And The Knit

Posted in Editorial by strytllng on November 22, 2010

I’ve been knitting every second that I could these past days and I must say: I am improving with every stitch. A friend of mine supplied me with JALOUSE magazine where I saw these pictures of Erin Wasson sporting knitwear. I might not be ready to compete with these things but I got my hands on a hippie-esque shirt made with cotton yarn which I will show you as soon as it will be done.

Wishing you all a great week!

Images via source.

Knitting For The Brave – A Soirée chez Jacki

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on July 7, 2010

The attentive reader may know I am a big fan of Jacki Terrasse, a club in Berlin. Every two weeks there is a special event at this beautiful raw diamond which I would like to call my own deck at the waterfront. Stricken Bar is every two weeks on a Saturday afternoon where ‘professionals’ from the 80’s and today’s hipsters meet with a cool drink under the sun in hammocks, standing, on benches with self-made pillows or however they like it. Because the knitting that I have been a fan of all summer long is not what some blogs would like to make it- it is the most relaxed and authentic get-together of various people enjoying the same thing: wools and needles. The fabulous French BBQ is a plus and a needle and wool bar awaits those new to the subject.  Attending the knitting is free of charge!!!


For those who are thirsty for some fresh location and some booty-shaking and heels-clacking to round off the fashion week, this will be my choice of place later on that evening, when the sun goes down and the night begins. The After-party is hosted in the same location with VERY fine house DJs. (Cover charge!) Shhhhhaaake…

Because I like you all so very much to join me for the party: I have 5 x 2 guestlistspots for the most innovative things you can think of that I should learn to knit in the future. Leave me a comment! (Winners will be announced on Friday)

Chez Jacki – Terrasse
An Der Schilling Brücke
10243 Berlin

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