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…you know why. 😉

Little Red Riding Hood, When Did You Grow Up So Fast?

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“Once. In the village of nowhere. I was a girl. The most beautiful girl you could ever imagine. Red was my hair. Red like my grandmother’s unreasonable love. Red ’cause she used to color my hair. Damn, I was so fucking beautiful. Everybody called me “little red head”

with these words, the show installation of the French-German newcomer label AUGUSTIN TEBOUL  opened in an unfinished, rough wing at the Soho House Berlin. The message was clear – even though the models moved in delicate manners on antique sofas (as if taken out of a French brothel scene around the turn of the century) this presentation would be all about dark sophisticated romance. The classic white boudoir theme and renaissance beau ideal of very pale skin and red hair met spiderweb knits, black lace and leather. The designs reminded me a tiny bit of Mark Fasts’ latest collection but au contraire to Mr. Fast, these two young designers cut out the cuteness from the usually “white-&-innocence-associated” lace and spiderknit by “painting” their entire collection literally in black. For even further reference to the dark tones of romance, the models would play with the doppelganger-motif, imagining to pose in front of mirrors, stressing the uncanny yet fascinatingly private atmosphere their scenery provided.

As you can see I loved it all – the presentation as well as the clothes, which I would like to call my own. Well, maybe some pieces would better remain privately worn while others call for great parties – or Fashion Weeks.



Fashion Week Berlin ::: What They Wear

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So here is a first impression of your favorite fashion victim from inside the tent where I saw the opening show of A.F. Vandevorst at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011. It was way too early for fashion. I used to live right around the corner of Bebelplatz, where the tent is located. Instead, I had to take two busses and it took me 40minutes from door to tent.

Later this day, I will see Augustin Teboul at the Soho House and attend the Happy Store Opening at Torstrasse.

You can take the girl out of Mitte but Mitte will remain a part of this girl.


Image via

Recap ::: Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011

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Perret Schaad SS 11


BlaakEngelhart SS 11



Fashion Week is here and I wanted to share some impressions from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July 2010 to get you warmed-up. Are you in the mood for Fashion Week season 2011 yet? With the moving and all I haven’t had the time to prepare much. I have some appointments and invitations but my head is still unfolding boxes and putting together the furniture. Actually, it is a good way to clear my mind. The kick-off for me is tomorrow morning at Belgian designer A.F.Vandevorst’s show. If I will ever find my equipment, I will report back ASAP.


Fashion Week Reporter




Fashion Week Warm Up ::: TWELVE times SEVEN

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The events in the tent at Bebelplatz might not start before Wednesday but hey, they don’t call it Fashion WEEK without a reason!

DERZEIT and WEEKDAY are kicking it off with a first presentation at .HBC on Monday.

DERZEIT presents:
TWELVE – The Calendar Project
featuring 12 of the most up and coming German models, dressed by 12 Berlin designers, shot by Amos Fricke.
Watch the preview trailer!

WEEKDAY presents:
Weekday’s presentation of their latest collaboration project 7XDE featuring 7 of Germany’s most talented designers.


..:: Schedule ::..

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The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2011 schedule is out. Where would you like to go?

Berlin Fashion Week 2011 ::: Starstyling

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If you think young Berlin Fashion, Starstyling will cross your mind among the very first names. Their fresh approach to fashion will nurture the creative fashionista with colorful prints, a play with texture and material that wouldn’t be seen among conventional design houses. The S/S 2011 collection Anti Avanti is more wearable than the previous. With its urban hippiesque charm in denim and beige see through kaftans the pieces still stand out of the crowd of minimalistic and soft feminin approaches we saw at other shows – a Starstyling piece is never ordinary. Folcloristic prints on frayed denim detachable trough velcro, prints inspired by semiprecious stones, holographic cut-out foil applications are accentuated with a special collection by G-Shock watches (blogpost will follow) and headbijou out of natural materials such as the inspirational semiprecious stones. The grand finale which left the models, headed by Shaun Ross, dancing to music from a kids TV show which I cannot recall, summarized the fun-loving and “fashion doesn’t have to be such a serious thing” approach of the young label. The pictures below are a mixture of the runway presentation and the preview I had earlier that week at Collect Showroom. I wish every show was as much fashionable fun as Starstyling. I’ll be looking forward to the many to come and I bet so is Bryanboy, whom I spotted among the guests in the front row in Kenzo wedges. It was a pleasure to be Starstyling’s guest.

Runwayshow @ Bebelplatz

Collect Showroom organised by Arne Eberle

Allude Spring/Summer 2011

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Allude presented their beautiful knittwear yesterday in the tent. And once more – I love it. The novelty was the mix and match of cashmere structure and implementation of leather. Cozy – simple – elegant.

Pic Du Jour ::: Fashion Week by Bike

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I met my beautiful friend Katharina for lunch today which is special because my little fashion video producer and aspiring actress is visiting from Paris. When we met spontaneously in front of the tent I was blown away by her laissez faire layer western outfit combined with a green attitude to rush from event to event via her pink beach cruiser. TrĂŠs chic mademoiselle! See what’s new with this young lady at

lala Berlin @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2011

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I cannot go around Berlin this week and not share some of the things I see during Berlin’s Fashion Week. This in fact is not the point to start because somehow my invitation request had fallen trough but I love lala Berlin anyhow – this collection is no exception to the rule. I don’t think I need to introduce this uptown-meets relaxed chic label, that started with knits and slowly develops its line with other luxurious garments allowing a wider range of styles.


…yes…ahammm…so it said in the press release which made me think of Susan Sontag’s “Against Interpretation” (which I should be reading again). I see the reference in the draping and lively colors but I guess I would have had to be at the show to see the full picture. The wet hair look could be greasy grunge hair and hey, there are jeans involved. I am not sure Kurt would have worn flashy silk – neither can I picture the young Courtney.

Who cares about the names someone gives a collection. I am in love with the idea of a bit more kaftan and light-as-feather materials in my wardrobe for a hot summer like this. Unfortunately this is the Spring-Summer 2011 collection and won’t be hitting the stores any time soon. I am looking forward to next Spring!

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