Fashion Week Berlin ::: What They Wear

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So here is a first impression of your favorite fashion victim from inside the tent where I saw the opening show of A.F. Vandevorst at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011. It was way too early for fashion. I used to live right around the corner of Bebelplatz, where the tent is located. Instead, I had to take two busses and it took me 40minutes from door to tent.

Later this day, I will see Augustin Teboul at the Soho House and attend the Happy Store Opening at Torstrasse.

You can take the girl out of Mitte but Mitte will remain a part of this girl.


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..:: Schedule ::..

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The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2011 schedule is out. Where would you like to go?

..:: First White ::..

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The first snow of the year is always magical, marking the end and a new beginning as well.


..:: Seasonal ::..

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Yes, my friends – it is the time for attention. This may be “just” a new Berlin Mitte bag but I truly like the different format. I got this last Thursday at the opening of the new ellesse flagshipstore – this week, the Berlin Press Days are upcoming. It is the Inbetween-Fashion Weeks-Season and I like it.

Can’t Buy Me Love or The Journey Is The Reward

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Two girls, two beautiful days, two attempted shopping sprees in Berlin’s vintage scene. As you may guess by now, attempted shopping means I didn’t succeed. Some of the pictures were made on Sunday after the rise of the party princesses while my Parisian friend and I took a stroll to some fleamarkets. I must say: sometimes it’s all about the trip. As the graffiti indicates – can’t buy me love – not even when you are on your own money, right Queen E. ?! What we saw that beautiful late afternoon was far better than taking items home. We found out that mushroom season must be back, made a quick stop for a power nap in Weinbergspark and were amazed by the Mitte-oasis that is the backyard and home of Murkudis concept store. The evening ended with take-out food and a movie

Part two was our hunt in second-hand stores in Kreuzberg and Mitte. Let me tell you that Colours vintage in Kreuzberg has a great selection you pay by the kilo but also has THE most arrogant sales people there are in the world. We quickly left the place for some snacks and further hunting – I almost bought that winter dress in Made in Berlin store in Mitte but it I am rarely ever finding anything that fits me. People in the 80s must have been a whole lot taller than me. Let’s hope I will succeed on Sunday ;-).

Have fun clicking through the gallery!

Impressions ::: ellesse x WOOD WOOD Pool Party

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Two sportswear / high-end streetwear labels that I like. One great location. Ice-cream and spin the wheel. A big pool with plenty of toys to play around with – yes, I took a dip. Probably the most unique party the Fashion Week has seen so far! THANX.

Great Moment ::: The Rooftop

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Hanging out with friends on a sunny day on a roof in Mitte might become my favorite thing to do this summer.

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+++Impressions – Rock the Block by No.74 Party+++

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Those of you following me on Twitter will already know that I went to the delayed Rock the Block Party at Torstrasse in Berlin. Lucky for us it was cancelled on Saturday and we were rewarded with loads of surprises on Sunday. No. 74 is a project store in Berlin Mitte by adidas that carries all the special collections and collaborations such as Y-3, Stella McCartney or the SLVR line. In addition to the big host, all neighboring stores opened their doors to Berlin’s after-hour crowd and invited them in. I was especially eager to get a look inside the highly hyped and therefore too scary for me to just drop by, SOTO store on Torstrasse. The store is brand new in town bringing the most missed labels in streetwear to Berlin such as Opening Ceremony. BTW: They got some VERY nice garments on the racks.

Approaching near the crowd of about 500 people standing on the street and sidewalk, I got a bit scared off since everybody seemed to have spent a fortune on looking their coolest – it was the cream of Mittecrowd. (Berlin people will know what I’m talking about) But getting closer, I was quickly absorbed by its positivity. From the music to the ice cream wagon, from the popcorn and beverage stand to the BBQ and even the USLU Airlines manicure drive-thru, everything had been organized in such lovely details and if things weren’t for free, they had at least very reasonable prizes. My highlight that day was probably the not totally unannounced but yet low-key communicated gig by internationally famed Berlin electro group, Modeselektor. I liked them before but rarely have I been this surpried by a group after a live performance. If they didn’t happen to be such talented musicians, they could have become comedians at least.

I must thank to whom ever this is due for the perfect Sunday afternoon. You guys even got the sun showing! The highlight was definately the pillow fight at the end of Modeselektor DJ-set. LURVE UR BLOCK!


(cited from No.74’s site)

Impressions ::: Facehunter in Berlin

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*Waiting for Yvan*

Journalist Jan Joswig with Berlin Fashion TV
BerlinFashion.TV crew

Danish Beauties

*He may have been late but made up for it by giving everyone in the room some personal time.*

Hunting Faces

Anna from kalinka..kalinka

Happy me


All Photos are Strytllng’s own. Bookimpressions were photographed from the original FACEHUNTER book,

Open Call ::: Questions to ask Yvan Rodic aka FACEHUNTER

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We all know and love his blog FACEHUNTER. Can you imagine a little blogette’s heart jumping up and down when a PR agency tells her that she will meet Yvan Rodic himself for his book release this Wednesday???!!!! I am kinda goin’ nuts over this. Love his blog, his realistic aesthetic, his eye for simple details – love FACEHUNTER.

+++This is when my blogette heart pumps in: Just  three more days to go. What should I ask him if I got five questions to pose?+++

My dear and loyal readers – can you help with this joyful task?

The most innovative questions will be forwarded to Yvan and the results will be published on Strytllng.

When + where = Facebook.

Your Strytllr.

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