GRIS-GRIS by Katie Gallagher

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Katie Gallagher, the upcoming designer from New York City, sent me an invitation for her Fall Winter 2011-2012 presentation at the Milk Studios … AND I COULDN’T GO. (Transatlantic trips are just a bit too much sometimes.)

Fortunate me still got a glimpse at the new Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection from the princess of dark designs. I must applaud Gallagher for spicing up her signature look of dark layered texture and light legwear with colorings of bright yellows here and there while managing to stay true to the gothic and voodoo themes.

Whether or not heavy make up is your thing, you like the entire look or prefer individual pieces,  the GRIS GRIS collection is an eyecatcher yet minimalistic enough to be invited into many wardrobes across the globe.


Documentary ::: Lost Bohemia

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Imagine a commune of the most interesting artists who played with Duke Ellington or made a name for themselves and it all hapens to be on top of Carnegie Hall, NYC. Shamefully it is all slowly vanishing but Josef Birdman Astor, has captured the melodrama in his documentary from an inside view with the voices of the tenants before the creative institution is gone forever.

The film was shown at New York Documentary Film Festival and I hope it will soon be available in Europe as well.

More Than A Woman

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We could do it just like men…or we can do it our own way and add an aesthetic that brings back wit and fun to fashion with an appeal that has long been lost in an over-sexed fashion world.

The lovely lady above is Kamila, a friend, the woman behind the camera of many fashion videos you’ve seen (check the MILAN FASHION CIRCUS video) on Strytllng and fresh breeze of air when it comes to viewing fashion through her camera. Who else choses the music to such perfection, makes upbeat cuts without overflashing the viewers eyes?

Just look at the “Best of New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011” video. Yes, fashion can be effortless fun with a young and chic sensitivity that’s hard to find in other videos. BRAVO MISS K!

BTW: Kamila is the younger one of a sisterly duo from Parisian video production company KO.FASHION.

The Good Monday ::: 22 Ways To Say Black

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As Strytllng has reported before, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has invited 22 of the biggest designer names to support the American Cancer Society and Ligue nationale contre le cancer in France with a charity auction of their reinterpretations of the Little Black Dress. The auction will be tonite at Phillips de Pury & Company in New York City. It was announced that France’s First Lady, Carly Bruni will join the event with full profits going to the two charity organizations. See the video of the exhibition and the marvellous dresses yourself.

Lookbook ::: SUNO NY – S/S 11

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We needed to prove that we were capable of growing up, says Erin Beatty of SUNO NY to explaining the new and more sophisticated look of the Spring Summer 2011 collection which has just been introduced at New York Fashion Week. Three quarter length skirts and dresses, combined with their signature Kenyan patterns are spot on the Elegant Femme look we saw at Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs but captures the freshness of SUNO’s unconventional coloring and prints. Even in the all white dresses with layers of frill structuring the design, SUNO’s handwriting came through strongly while advancing the repertoire. I like to see them developing and playing with styles but staying true to their own character as long as GROWING UP will never mean GETTING OLD. BRAVO!

Click through the gallery below. +++THE SHOES+++

..:: Streets of NYC ::..

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That hat at 0:51.

The lovely lady at 0:22.

The bow tie at 0:44.

The one city I always wanted to but haven’t lived in yet. Great people and amazing style in one great city – NYC. has made these amazing streetstyle shots in motion and I must say it catches the people, their style and individual personalities a lot better than the regular still lifes could. The videos feel more like a portrait of the city as a whole and it’s people rather than an extract of the stylish people.

BTW: It seems to be all about the hair and outstanding accessories in the city that never sleeps. Now that’s my kinda fashionlove. Yes, I always loved the early 90s.

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