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Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on April 14, 2011

…you know why. 😉

Little Red Riding Hood, When Did You Grow Up So Fast?

Posted in Fashion Week by strytllng on January 19, 2011

“Once. In the village of nowhere. I was a girl. The most beautiful girl you could ever imagine. Red was my hair. Red like my grandmother’s unreasonable love. Red ’cause she used to color my hair. Damn, I was so fucking beautiful. Everybody called me “little red head”

with these words, the show installation of the French-German newcomer label AUGUSTIN TEBOUL  opened in an unfinished, rough wing at the Soho House Berlin. The message was clear – even though the models moved in delicate manners on antique sofas (as if taken out of a French brothel scene around the turn of the century) this presentation would be all about dark sophisticated romance. The classic white boudoir theme and renaissance beau ideal of very pale skin and red hair met spiderweb knits, black lace and leather. The designs reminded me a tiny bit of Mark Fasts’ latest collection but au contraire to Mr. Fast, these two young designers cut out the cuteness from the usually “white-&-innocence-associated” lace and spiderknit by “painting” their entire collection literally in black. For even further reference to the dark tones of romance, the models would play with the doppelganger-motif, imagining to pose in front of mirrors, stressing the uncanny yet fascinatingly private atmosphere their scenery provided.

As you can see I loved it all – the presentation as well as the clothes, which I would like to call my own. Well, maybe some pieces would better remain privately worn while others call for great parties – or Fashion Weeks.



Fashion Week Berlin::: Open Show by Reality Studio

Posted in Uncategorized by strytllng on July 5, 2010

The first time I had a crush on Reality Studio’s unconventional designs was probably at the Christmas market at Rodeo Club in Berlin. They handed me over their business card and kept me wondering where I would see them again. The Berlin-based young designers then invited me to their showroom presentation during Berlin Press Days and I knew this was an addiction that would stay with me for a while. Now it’s your turn to see the most unique presentation Berlin Fashion Week has to offer so far: on bikes going through the city and open to the public. Now that’s what I call fashion pluralism! For the tourplan please check their homepage.

Lookbook images via Reality Studio.

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