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If you’ve been following Streetstyle blogs during this Fashion Week season, you’ll have noticed the trend of megawatt colors outside the runwayshows. The trend seems to be going towards big accessories, structures and patterns but the combination of flashy colors, flashy design and overaccessorized fashionistas is just not my cup of tea. I prefer the clean-cut design accentuated with some color – a style that won’t stress your visual sense. In fact, the minimalist-neon combination soothes the overfashioned brain like homemade lemonade on one of these first hot Spring days.


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..:: March 1st ::..

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Final frost
Bluest sky
Last snowflakes
Crisp fresh air in your lungs
Torture, serenity, running
Taking care

..:: Hair ::..

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I have never been more glad about my hair than the moment I remembered Uschi Obermeier this morning.

The “Manipulator” Strikes Again ::: ‘glass ceiling’ by Jill Greenberg

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I love these photos for all sorts of reasons. First there is the irony in the cliché about the sport of synchronised swimming. Probably being the fantasy of many men, these girls in swimsuits aren’t just doing their sport to end up as eye candy neither are they all ‘posing’ just for you while performing a professional sport which only a trained elite could do. Leading the fantasy to an extreme it just makes the fact more obvious that the picture in our mind can never be a mirrored image of reality. Secondly it is the aesthetic of extreme coloring, shaping and reflections, all signature of the unmistakable style of Jill Greenberg that fascinates me while looking at these images. But most of all this series can make my mind swim with those girl. Yes, sometime we wear heels in ridiculous situations just for the feel of it and we are free while brushing our teeth in the privacy of what we call HOME just like these synchronized swimmers adapt to the water like fishes in the sea. I would gladly change my place behind my desk right now if only I could feel the water wash around my skin, having my hair wildly flowing around my head and be in the state of weightlessness for just one minute and dip my head under this glass ceiling.

Images via TheTrendyGirl.

Weekend Impressions

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Housewarming in Neukölln, Berlin.

Photos are Strytllr’s own.

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